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    Sep 5, 2012
    Hi Everyone! I have a trumpet that I'll be putting up for sale, but I'd like to have some input on its worth before posting it. I have an idea of what to sell it for, but want to see if I'm in the right neighborhood. Here are the details.

    It's a Yamaha YTR 6335s, professional Bb trumpet in silver finish. I also have an array of accessories, and would sell everything as a package.

    Trumpet Info:
    I purchased this horn in 1985 and played it for only three years in an organized setting. I was in the symphonic band, jazz band, pit orchestra and filled in for the pep and marching bands when they needed a warm body. It performed fantastically in each environment. Since then I have only played it sparingly, but have always kept it in great working condition. I’m only selling it because I just don’t play it much and want someone else to get some enjoyment out of it. It has a lot of great years left in it!

    Although it’s always been in great shape, I wanted to be sure it was in impeccable condition for the next owner, so I recently had the horn professionally refurbished. It was completely disassembled and cleaned, the valves and slides were freshly lubricated and the corks and felts were replaced. It was then reassembled and the entire horn was freshly polished. The mouthpieces were also straightened and cleaned. Needless to say, all the valves and slides work fantastically and the horn looks and sounds fantastic.

    There is one blemish on the right side, towards the top of the #1 valve where my thumb rubbed, but it is not noticeable unless you look for it. There is also a bit of tarnish on the lead pipe adjacent to the valves that couldn’t be polished out, but it is not very noticeable. Other than a couple other very minor scratches this horn is in great condition.

    I purchased this trumpet with a zippered, padded outer case that wrapped around the hard case. I have always used this outer case and, while it shows the wear and tear of 25+ years, the original hard case was always protected and looks brand new. The latches and hinges work perfectly.

    I'll also include three mouthpieces in this package. All are used, but in very good condition. They were all straightened and cleaned when the horn was refurbished.

    • Bach 5C
    • Purviance 8
    • Yamaha 14a4a

    Also included would be four mutes. There are some spots of worn cork, but all are in very good shape.

    • LeBlanc Aluminum Straight Mute
    • Harmon B Model Aluminum Wow-Wow Mute
    • Humes & Berg Stone-lined Cup Mute
    • Humes & Berg Stone-lined Straight Mute
    In addition to all that, I’ll also toss in the following:

    • Brand new tube of Valve oil
    • Brand new tube of slide grease
    • Polishing cloth
    • Clamp style music lyre

    So that's it. What do you think a fair selling price would be this whole package? Feel free to ask any questions, i'd be happy to answer. Thanks for any/all input you all can provide, I appreciate it!

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