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    I think you can do it either way, trinity or ABRSM

    Music Performance Diploma syllabus from 2005 : ABRSM.org - Exams

    they also do jazz exams to grade 5 which you can use instead of your grade 5 theory to then go onto 6,7 or 8.

    for your jazz I would buy this

    Jamey Aebersold volume 54: Maiden Voyage - Jamey Aebersold Play Alongs - How To Play Jazz

    or any of his books, there really good! basically have a 'head'- main melody then an improvised section with all the scales written in the improvised sections

    I would also recommend patterns for jazz
    Jerry Coker, James Casale, Gary Campbell: Patterns For Jazz (treble clef) - Improvisation - How To Play Jazz

    which is all chord/scale work

    listen to some jazz tpt players

    find a jazz band

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