Where should I be?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by YTR-6335S, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. YTR-6335S

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    Jul 3, 2006
    At the end of August I will have been playing trumpet for 5 years. I can play up to high C, and I have been told I have a great tone. I practice when I can for about 30 min to 1 hour. I don't have a private teacher but my band director plays trumpet and I have been trying to learn everything I can from him and everyone in the trumpet line. I am a freshman in high school and I'm 6th out of 13 trumpets.

    Where should my level of playing be? How can I improve? I practice scales, cromatics, arpagios, lip slurs, tounging, and long tones. Does anyone have any advice?
  2. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    5 years can be brand new or an eternity depending on the situation!
    After 5 years of playing, I would expect that you have been exposed to methods like Arban and Clarke. I would add Schlossberg to that.
    Let us know what solos that you have worked on. What particularly interests me, do you research your music before you play it? Do you google the composer to see what they were into?
    Knowledge is power - that is where you should be. If your head is screwed on right, the rest kind of sorts itself out!
    There is nothing wrong with a motivated band director giving you lessons. I have been out of school since the early 70's and my band director (and trumpet teacher) from back then still walks on water as far as I am concerned!
  3. YTR-6335S

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    Jul 3, 2006
    The only method book I have is a blue book called "Rubank Intermediate Method" trumpet or cornet.

    I haven't really reshearched the music I play all that much. The music that I play is pretty much just the music my band director has passed out.

    I don't actually get lessons from my band director, he just kinda tells us what we're doing wrong in the music and how to fix it, or he has the section leader do it.
  4. Vulgano Brother

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    Mar 23, 2006
    Parts Unknown
    I'll grab onto rowuk's coat-tails on this one -- it is not so much a question of where you are at, but where you want to be. See if you can get some lessons from your band director. Spend a lot of time listening to great music in general and great trumpeters in particular -- lots of them. Your mind will get an awesome idea of what is possible on the trumpet, and your body will, given time and patience, follow. If you have a clear picture of how you want to sound, then those exercises do their job. If we just play the exercises and accept whatever comes out the bell ok we'll be ok players. If we play the exercises striving to be great, we'll end up great players. Have fun, it's a great journey!
  5. JoJoMak

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    Jan 4, 2007
    I personally would love to go back to highschool freshman year...here is what I would be doing...I would glean info from whomever I could...hang out with the guys and gals after school...I would jam together....I would get that elusive MUSIC merit badge...I would visit the library and read... read... read...

    I would start a music collection of trumpet playing and other related music...I would go to concerts in the park...I would listen...listen...listen... I would be doing all things trumpet. No one would be able to stand in my way...I have my whole life ahead of me AND I LOVE MUSIC...I LOVE THE TRUMPET...

    an invitation to Xbox party or the new "wee" wouldn't excite me. But a week long summer clinic on trumpet and/or band would. My whole focus would be my music and learning to play...Christmas at home would be awesome...dropping hints to parents about the new trumpet cd, or the latest trumpet from Getzen etc...all things trumpet...

    My school band would ONLY BE A SUPPLEMENT, an outlet for the raw talent and youthful energies...the other students and the band director would KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT...THAT I LOVE THE TRUMPET AND ALL THINGS RELATED. I WOULD BE THE TRUMPET GEEK OF MY FRESHMAN CLASS...

    At 5 years, I would be into playing MANY songs I like. One of the first things I would learn to play would be the theme song to Gilligan's Island...I would be able to play it whenever the show came on...:D nO ONE TOLD TO TO PRACTICE THAT OR PLAY IT. I LOVE TRUMPET AND GILLIGAN'S ISLAND...:D Well it was a leading show at the time, along with the original Star Trek series...

    With much emotion and seriousness in the performances, I would want to share with whoever would listen, to My version of the soundtrac to the "Sound of Music" for INDEED the hills ARE alive with the sound of music...and if you can hear it, you would be able to hear my trumpet playing in tune with the birds... :cool:

    the truth is...I played trumpet in my freshman year...I hardly remember it all...I so wish I was more motivated to really get into it and stay with it...I didn't. today, after 30 + years away from the trumpet/cornet, I found a '71 Conn Director at a thrift store (last year) and I'm TRYING my darnest to learn how to play..."I can't leave this world...with my music still inside."

    I'm 49 now...do you want to be a grown up" drive a car? and do all the things grown ups do? great... here is the opportunity...let us trade places (like the movie freaky friday) and let me go back to high school and I'll show the world my music.:-( A second chance to DO something with my life!

    If you like that trumpet of yours...You'll find the time, the efforts, and the avenues to play... play... play...

    Let us take a ride with "Doc" back to the future...to visit YOU at 49 or older...what will it be like? No music? No trumpet? What happenned? Or did you take off and become the next master trumpeteer? You can forge your life TODAY! the things YOU do today will determine WHO and WHAT you will become...

    Close your eyes and start to dream...can you see yourself on stage at the Grammy awards, playing for thousands upon thousands of people? Be all you can be...do all you can do...it IS ALL UP TO YOU! ;-)

    Advice from me, a 49 yr old comeback player? Go to one of the senior assisted living facility in town, go every saturday afternoon...and play several songs...learn a few that they know...they love the attention and the entertainment...

    find a best buddy and play...jam with them in the garage or up in the room. Play... play...play...Learn music...learn your instrument NOW...before life takes over and you grow up and find tha life could be too busy for trumpet...:play:
  6. stchasking

    stchasking Forte User

    Jun 11, 2006
    You need a private teacher. Call the music stores in your area and get a referal.
  7. YTR-6335S

    YTR-6335S New Friend

    Jul 3, 2006
    Thank you. Music is my life. Music lives in my soul. Everyone that knows me knows that I LOVE music, I would DIE without it. I even have a sweat shirt that says "Trumpet Freak". My life pretty much revolves around music, I try hard, but I think I need to try harder. You sound like a great person. Thank you for sharing that. I will try to do everything that you have said, especially going to the senor citizen home, that really sounds like fun. You have really reached me.

    As soon as I get a steady job I will look into a private teacher.

    Vulgano Brother and rowuk,
    Thank you for the input. I will do what I can.
  8. Richard Oliver

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    Jul 18, 2006
    Casper, WY
    It's not so much trying harder.

    It's knowing what things to do and what things to leave undone.

    Getting good direction like you have in this post, and putting it into action is the 1st step.

    Good Luck,

    Richard Oliver

    p.s. I was very impressed that you responded to the posters' advice, thanked them, and actually discussed demonstrating that you listened.

    Maybe Eric Bolvin's "The Arban's Manual" might be a really good way to work your way into Arbans. ::: Eric Bolvin Music Studios - Publications ::: The Arban Manual Book

    It's $12 and you can begin working on a book that you'll keep with you for life if you stick with the trumpet.
  9. camelbrass

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    Nov 5, 2003
    Dubai, UAE
    All great advice and I can only really couch in in different terms and maybe add a little.

    Getting away from the mechanics of 'trumpet' and into 'music' is key. Evolve from a trumpet player to a musician...listen lots and adopt a great sound not just a good tone. It separates the men from the boys.

    Don't get sidetracked either with range. I remember reading a piece of advice from Dave Hickman (look him up) and when asked what range he would expect from a high school player coming into his school and he said solid Cs or Ds an hour into a programme. Yes you have to have the basics right to achieve that but it's pretty achievable. He's going to be much more impressed with your musicianship.


  10. JoJoMak

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    Jan 4, 2007
    For me I need to go back and review all info on transposing.

    I have MANY songs from the hymnals and I've been playing them right from the book...they all sound good...but...

    to play with the piano and/or the viola I will be the proverbial wrench in the band...

    I need to transpose those songs into the music for trumpet. I'm paying attention and searching on this site and another for more insight on the topic of transposing for trumpet.

    I need to take a few steps backwards and then play ketchup...Oh my...:dontknow:

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