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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by stephenwright, Jan 8, 2007.

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    Thanks for your time yet again Mike. At the moment I'm currently without a teacher, though this is something I'm trying to rectify. Don't know if you know of Ken Brown but he teaches the other trumpeters at the university I'm at so I'm seeing what might be able to be arranged with him.

    I should have made it clear this would probably be a birthday present and I have a bit of a wait until my birthday (injustice of being born in August) and will be working on Bb only until then.

    My transposing's pretty solid, I find trumpet in E on the Bb a bit of a drag but then everyone does don't they? (Can still remember Humperdinck as you told me to!!)

    I'm at uni in Sheffield which, like Huddersfield, ought to be brass band central and is, but it's not really what I seem to enjoy playing lots of for some reason, I prefer orchestra or wind orchestra. Might be something to do with the fact that I like the idea of being part of a small and reasonably tight section.

    I'll bear all these thoughts in mind.


    You're allowed to combine instruments but you can't (I don't think) use a Bb trumpet and an Eb Soprano Cornet. Apparently the admin system can't cope with you doing that. You can use an Eb trumpet and you can use a Bb trumpet. Don't know the student personally but he's working on his grade 8 I think. I also heard that as the Eb (and the D) in the first movement is out of the range required they don't really care what comes out at this point. That said I wouldn't want to go in there and spray it round the room.

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    I agree with Mike. Go with a D/Eb rather than a picc at your stage, and get some appropriate repertoire from the Diploma syllabuses (I know the ABRSM has some Eb/D rep - not sure about Trinity/Guildhall - perhaps Mike can chime in?)

    You can then explore the diploma level rep on your Bb and D/Eb and perhaps one day look to taking your diploma if you want which is the next step after grade 8, and perhaps include a piece on D/Eb if all has gone well.

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    There is a certain amount of coolness to a decent piccolo trumpet that gets paying jobs.
    I don't know about the UK, but I see advantages to starting earlier with the piccolo. Your chops have to do the exact same things to play the notes, so you are forced to focus on what is good for you up high. That also helps the big horn playing. The smaller instrument also requires us to play "gracefully" as it is tough to beat someone up with the picc (maybe drill some holes in the ear drums)!
    Playing baroque literature on a D trumpet is possible, a horn that works well in an orchestra setting probably has a sound that is a bit too "fat" for chamber music. Of course, we can use a smaller mouthpiece, but is that really the point? I have to admit, that literature really started to be enjoyable AFTER I bought the picc.
    I use my picc a lot. My D/Eb trumpet gets played only about twice a year.......

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