Which Arban to buy??

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    May 26, 2013
    Re the copyright, the original Carl Fischer version was published in 1912. While updated and revised editions might contain copyrightable material, the first Carl Fischer edition is public domain, totally apart from the public domain-ness of the original Arban version.

    "The duration of copyright protection is governed by the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998. The easiest rule to state is that Copyrights have expired on all United States works registered or published prior to 1923. As a result, all such works have entered into the public domain....

    ...In other words, if a work was published between 1923 to 1963, the copyright owner was required to have applied for a renewal term with the Copyright office. If they did not, the copyright expired and the work entered into the public domain. If they did apply for renewal, these works will have a 95 year copyright term and hence will enter into the public domain no sooner that 2018 (95 years from 1923). If the work was published between 1964 to 1977, there is no need to file for a renewal, and these works will automatically have a 95 year term."
    Duration of Copyrights (Bitlaw)
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    Thanks for the suggestions to have Arban spiral bound. My 60 plus year old Goldman-Smith Arban ($5.00 cover price) was in several sections and counting and has been made whole again.

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