WHINER`s Horn Contest!

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    Jul 26, 2008
    I´ve been forced to listen to some whining from
    pathetic people complaining about that they didn´t
    HAVE TIME ENOUGH (gosh!) to take part in the
    Original Horn Contest!

    So, due to pathetic remarks like this one from ChopsGone

    or this one from ComeBackKid (can you imagine?!?! :dontknow:)

    we´ll run an additional contest, called The Whiner´s Horn Contest.
    Now, those of you who have participated in the Original Horn Contest
    will automatically be added to this contest for comparison when this
    Whiner´s Contest is over, and of course, you will also gain the status
    of being an Original Participant, whereas these whiners will only gain
    the status (?) of being Whiner Participants!

    The winner of this contest will finally be appointed

    Original Winner


    Whining Winner

    depending of what contest he or she has participated in.

    So, all you poor, poor people, who didn´t have TIME ENOUGH
    before, here´s your SECOND chance (there will NOT be a third one!).

    Show us what you´ve got!!;-)
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