Who needs a mouthpiece puller?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Repair and Modification' started by trumpetsplus, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Ted, I bought the trumpet in an SA Thrift shop and that was about the time that I began removing mpcs from my resells and sending the mpcs off to be rehabbed and replated and then sell them separately. I got as far as a diner with my buy when asked if I played and asked to see it. I told him I was taking it to a shop to have the mpc removed and the shop hadn't opened yet ( a little white lie ). He asked to see it and I showed it to him just before the waitress brought me my food. We exchanged cards and I ate my meal. Later that night he called and offered to buy it at a price that twiisted both my arms behind my back. All I remember was that it was a Bach, and I'm still quite a bit naive about them. When he came to my apartment he had his own mouthpiece and played it ... very well. Ten $100 bills was offered and the deal was done. I hand wrote him a Bill of Sale (didn't have a computer at the time). I had paid less than $100 for it and while there was some wear on the lacquer I hadn't seen a dent in it. Valves and slides all worked and the case was leather and complete with key. I've no idea if that mouthpiece is still in my collection as well as another that came with it.
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    I can't figure out how you can make money on a restored mp Ed. I figur ethey have to cost $15 to do that and if you mail it well that's already $25 you put into it
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    Both coming and going, upwards to a dozen mpcs at a time wouldn't cost more than $10 in U.S. via USPS Priority mail (the little flat rate box). I really have no intent otherwise to make a profit on them, but I don't complain when I do. I cannot compute profit on something as cost me nothing, and I have resold a goldplated Monette B6 as received in mint condition for $150. Even after rehab, many I've just given away ... especially 7Cs to economically struggling beginning students ... or traded for theirs as were in much need of rehab. With some instrument buys I get as many as three mouthpieces, as many as two mutes, and once in a while a stand and some interesting music. What rehabbed 7Cs I have I resell for $20, and other may flex higher.

    Then too, my buys are not limited to brass. At present in inventory I've a snare drum with stand and durable case, a Gemeinhardt M2 flute, and a Conn clarinet, the latter as I expect to spend at least $100 to have rehabbed by top tech who has prior done more than a dozen reeds and flutes for me, including those of my daughter's.

    Perhaps the most unusual source of my buys has been from police recovery and unclaimed sales or auctions, but I've also bought from Defense Reutilization and Marketing Offices (DRMO). I don't know that any have been used by the military bands, but they could have been. I think more that they were former Special Services instruments made available as loaners to any service member who wanted to play (as I once did). Still, I scrounge other sources such as estate and yard sales, thrift stores and out of the way pawn and consignment shops. It is now much more difficult for me since moving from Northern VA to NC, but the need is much greater here for a good used economically priced instrument.
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    That is funny! I was going to answer by saying: "The one who needs a mouthpiece pulled."

    The illustration changed my mind. The case is priceless!
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