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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Ichierzen, Dec 11, 2010.

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    My extreme upper register (well, the limits of my range, I guess...) is off and on at best, sometimes the notes are there, sometimes they aren't. I've wondered if the mouthpiece being even a hair one direction or another could throw it off but it just isn't consistent from day to day. Why does this happen, and what can I do to get it secure? Do I need to use better air support, or try moving more air, or even back off? Here are some links of a performance I did for three of my friends last night that illustrate my problem - and any other comments/advice would be much appreciated too lol

    YouTube - Vivaldi Violin Concerto in A minor, I & III, for piccolo trumpet - Violin Concerto in A minor (about 4:37)

    YouTube - Adagio in G minor transcribed for Picc. Trumpet - Adagio in G minor (about 2:40 in)

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    I stopped after the first minute or so of the Vivaldi. Here is my take and I hope that you are sitting down.

    1) you are unconcentrated. Everything from moving the music stand to practically picking your nose was more important than the intro. The performance starts ALWAYS when you walk on stage, and most definitely when the orchestra or synthesizer starts playing the first note.
    2) because you are not "into" the music, you do not breathe or interact with it. There is no life or musical line, just a bunch of notes. Because of this "conquer the notes" attitude, you don't move with the flow and therefore even low notes don't come.
    3) because there is no connection to the music, your breathing stinks - that is why the high notes that really are within your practicing range don't speak. I'll even bet that you have not marked the places where you want to breathe and if you play this thing three times in a row, only luck will result in a similar sized breath in the same place.
    4) Vivaldi is not your thing. If you even cared a little, you would have spent a little time preparing the "difficult" passages at a snails tempo until they were decent. You would have checked out what this dude was about and a little bit would have leaked through.

    So if this was an audition, I would have sent you home after one minute of play.

    You most likely have the technique and range. You obviously have spent some face time on the trumpet. The problem is that there was not one second of music demonstrated.

    p.s. I watched the beginning of the Adagio too. Everything I just said applies there too.

    My recommendation, tunes, tunes, tunes. Get some lessons from a voice teacher too. Then you could learn at least a little about articulation and expression. Everything else that is necessary should be obvious.
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    Sep 22, 2007
    Thanks for the input, much appreciated!

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