Why come back to trumpet?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by FreshBrewed, Mar 24, 2004.

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    May 9, 2005
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    I quit in high school--for 50 years. Very rarely I thought about how I used to play and how I enjoyed it even though I wasn't any good. One day I was talking to our church choir director. She loves brass music and her grown kids are excellent musicians--french horn and euphonium. I commented that I used to play and always wondered if I could ever do it again. She told me that I should just get a horn and do it. I bought a used horn on ebay and was surprised that I could play the C scale--but little else. Someone suggested that I get some cd playalongs and that's when the fun began. I hadn't even known that they existed. It was just a lot of fun to play with a band backing you up. The choir director told me I should join this small band that plays at the retirment homes and convalscent hospitals every week. The director of the band asked me to join a Taize' ensemble at her church and now I'm in a brass quartet,too. I have 3 very nice horns--a trumpet, cornet, and flugel. They sure were a lot cheaper than my woodshop which is my other hobby. The problem is that I'm playing in duets, solo's, etc., that I do more playing than woodworking now. I guess if it's in ya, it has to come out at some time during your life.

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