Why do some parents not ask us first?

Discussion in 'Horns' started by mheffernen5, Sep 2, 2004.

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    We were discussing something similar to this in "ZeuS in the Rocky Mountains." It seems that many parents are ignorant about musical instruments, and believe, without questioning, their local dealer. The parents think they are doing good/right, but the kids get cheated and the dealers get rich with this legalized leasing scam. The best way is to educate the parents. Now we must ask: How? :shock:

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    I think the word is getting out. Follow some of the eBay auctions. They don't sell. They then bash each other"

    "This Bessons trumpet is not a cheap India made trumpet. Very high quality and comes with a case"

    Yep, not a cheap India made horn, made in CHINA. Geez, they are killing each other trying to sell $100 horns. They are losing the battle. More and more school districts are putting out the word.

    What worries me more is that the Besson 1010 and 1110 are made in India. A reputable company going overseas and the horns have had poor reviews.

    Bach has its Prestige line made in China. Again, very poor reviews.

    Good solid companies turning to cheap horns will make it difficult to tell good ones from crap. That will be the bigger battle.

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    Have you seen the crappolla guitars they sell in Wal Mart? They are like $150!!!!!! :( The trouble is, you can go to Guitar Center or go online to Musiciansfriend.com and get a Squier Stratocaster for less that is WAAAAY better!

    But, on the other hand, any parent that makes an off the cuff purchase like that without research....well, they kind of ask for it, don't they? My sister bought her daughter one of those cheapo clarinets, and I would have thought that she would have known better because she played clarinet all through high school.

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