Why do some people consider Nakariakov to be a mere technician?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by _TrumpeT_, Dec 26, 2006.

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    May 21, 2006
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    The reason some people consider Nakariokov to be a mere technician is that he is a far superior musican to whomever is making these comments. Sergei is not only the best trumpet player besides Andre I have ever heard, he is a supremely gifted musician who invites envy because of his exalted status which is based solidly on his accomplishments. He is the ne plus ultra at the moment except maybe for Maurice or Wynton, but maybe not!

    Michael McLaughlin

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    Sergei cannot be said to be out of favour with the musical world, just maybe a few posters on an internet site. His performance schedule certainly doesn't suggest he's been sidelined.
  3. Rgale

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    Jun 16, 2005
    It's redundant to chime in after people like Manny and Ed C. but I will also add that Sergei is a great musician, and
    can't really see anything to be critical of. The man has tons of technique, and plays very musically. Anybody can hear that.
    And he's breaking new ground for trumpet. I just wish I could play the stuff he does and do it decently, never mind as impeccably as he does. I don't think I could practice enough.
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    Dec 25, 2006
    I know I'm just mirroring the opinions of others, but I thought I'd add mine as well. I first came across him on the internet somehow about a year ago. I listened to some of his recordings and I just couldn't believe them. They seemed so natural. I mean, they sounded incredibly difficult but very natural. I love the stuff he does with the flugelhorn.
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    Dec 13, 2005
    My colleagues and I refer to them as Keyboard Commandos.
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    Same thread started by same guy on the oTHer site with same results. Kudos for Sergei all around.

    My question to all is this: Why do we have to pit one site against the other when asking a question like this? Just for kicks, I did a search on both TH and TM, and I found that members on both sites were overwhelmingly positive in their feedback of his playing...certainly there were no more critical comments on one site than the other, and I had to dig pretty deep to find those criticisms. Both the thread here and on TH struck me as inflammatory against TH rather than an attempt at meaningful discussion, especially when my search revealed very little to support the claim that many people on TH don't like Sergei's playing.

    I enjoy aspects of both sites, and while I don't post as much here, I respect the value of TM. It pains me when I see people from either forum needlessly taking pot shots, either brazen or veiled, as the case was here.

    Rant over.


    Paul Poovey

    P.S. Sergei is one of the most amazing players we've seen. His command is so complete that his musical expression is completely uninhibited. The only thing people can possibly criticize is the fact that he is not a showman who rocks back and forth and sways his horn through the air while he plays. That isn't his personality, and I'm glad he doesn't attempt to do so for the sake of a show. I generally close my eyes and listen anyway...the proof is in HEARING, not seeing.
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    I would have to take issue with you here. Whilst I am not quite as good as either Wynton or Nakariakov (understatement of the year, and it's only Jan 2nd!), I don't see that that bars me from expressing an opinion, whether negative or positive, on either player. Whilst I'm sure that neither player would be the least bit interested in what I think of their playing, it doesn't mean that my opinion is of no value.

    For the record, I like Nakariakov's performances of Haydn/Hummel/Tomasi etc, although they are not my favourite interpretations. Like many virtuoso trumpet players, he is somewhat hamstrung by the limited repertoire of the trumpet (compared to, say, the violin), and hence many of his recordings are of transcriptions. Perhaps he should do what Hakan Hardenberger/John Wallace and others have done, and commission some new works for trumpet, in order to enrich the repertoire and stretch his amazing abilities even further.
  8. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    the issue is not whether Sergei blows all the rest of the trumpet world off the planet or if everything he plays is your favorite. Labeling a musician in this class "merely a technician" is idiotic and has nothing to do with having an opinion based on anything except missing brain cells. Instigaters of this type of trash only seek to provoke.
    I do not seek limiting freedom of speech, however anyone thinking up crap like this should go back and consider why they even spent the time typing it in the first place. Bringing this stuff here from somewhere else is not very appealing either. I don't empty the trash can on the dinner table either.
  9. ecarroll

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    Jul 13, 2005

    In a perfect world (and TM is a perfect world -- we share information and opinions without commercial considerations hanging over us) this is what we all should be doing.

    Thanks for pointing it out,
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    I don't think the accusation that a player is merely a technician is neccessarily a stupid thing to say. It really depends upon the reason the poster is saying it. If it is said only to provoke, or out of envy, then I agree with you. If it is said with some thought behind it, however, it may be a worthwhile issue to debate. There are some recordings out there where a particular performer has, in my opinion, "missed the point" of the piece and gone for pure technical brilliance. It is, however, only my opinion - another player would probably say the same recording is the greatest ever. Thus is a forum like trumpetmaster made!

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