Why do we play trumpet or should I say why do I play trumpet

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by anthony, May 10, 2011.

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    (Hmmmm, can't see why there is a problem with "Musos" - seems a perfectly straight forward expression to me :dontknow:).

    It's also important to remember that the manufacturer fills your trumpet with beautiful music and you are the one specifically chosen to coax it out and share it - (careful, there's often some nasty stuff in there too). ;-)
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    I tell pastors that the trumpet is important because in the bible it states that when certain events are upon us... not the piano, not the saxaphone, not the harp... but the trumpet will sound.
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    Remember, we are talking about crossing interstate lines.
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    Singers never want to hear that!:lol:
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    Yeah, but if you have ever played a historic biblical trumpet, you see that the mercy of the Lord must be bestowed upon all that hear it.

    Joyful biblical noises were for things like harps and rhythm instruments. You are very right in one respect though. There is no reference to violas or bagpipes.
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    yep Robin.. and they practiced for years and only were allowed to play for something like 10 years ... I am guessing because the odds of a death threat being successful go up exponentially after that.
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    I have read that the pipes referred to in Daniel 3 are bagpipes...

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    I played trumpet growing up because:

    1.) All of my older sisters played an instrument at one point, so it was sort of an unwritten expectation that I was going to play something too - I chose trumpet.
    2.) in my hometown, band was something everyone wanted to be a part of
    3.) My sister played trumpet and was good at it (hence my reason for switching to trumpet - I started on alto sax)
    4.) It was the one thing that I did that came easily to me and that I did well - better than my peers
    5.) I LOVE music, and I love making music with other people in an ensemble.

    I continue to play music because it's the one thing that I have done with any kind of continuity throughout my life, other than my marriage. I also continue to play and make music because I still love making music in an ensemble with other people, and I have a ton of fun doing it - I have always told my wife that when I stop having fun playing music, that's when I'll stop playing. I do make a fair little chunk of change on the side gigging, but that's just gravy and I don't really even get to see that money - I endorse the cheque and hand it over to my wife so that it can be distributed back into family funds as needed.
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    I hurt my back recently and am on a fabulous coctail of drugs right now, so getting my point across about anything has been interesting, but I will try.....
    I play because nothing else in this world is as beautiful as the way a trumpet sounds. I play because when I have a horn to my face, I am an entirely different person than I am otherwise. I play because I experience joy in many more aspects of life than if I don't, and because I am a much happier person when I do. I play because I am totaly hooked on the physical feeling and psychological high of performance. Lastly, I play because there is a little voice in me that tells me there is nothing more important, and nothing else will make my life as complete, or as fulfilling. I play for a living because I don't do anything else better. ;-) :play:
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    This world is painful, full of brokenness and sometimes feels completely based on luck; but God has given each of us certain things that when fully engaged in, they elevate us even if just for the moment to a little bit of heaven. For me, playing trumpet is one of those few things.

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