Why don't we see more Bb/C convertible trumpets?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by duderubble, Feb 22, 2013.

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    I have an intermediate level Yamaha that has 2 full sets of slides for Bb and C and it works well in both keys. Transposing on sight is probably ok for those of you who learned at an early age but for me, as a pure adult learner, sight reading as written is already enough of a challenge that I don't want to have to transpose on the fly in a performance situation. That's not to say I don't practice transposition, but one has to be realistic when it comes to what can be achieved in performance. Perhaps in a few more years...
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    I would agree, especially since F# is so easy on piano. I mean just play the black keys already.

    The reason I would prefer to see alternate keyed trumpets isn't for the sight reading, but to have the right intonation in the cool keys. A fourth valve or slide trumpet would probably do just as well. Though again, not standard and no one can afford them, because the market isn't big enough. It's like a seven string guitar, you can get a high end custom built one but 99.9% of the pickers won't know what to do with it, so the resale value is nil.
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    I was in the market for a dedicated C trumpet a while back and as you can see I have a leaning towards Schilke. Had a chat with Phil Baughman the expert at Schilke when I saw a combined model advertised in the UK. They manufactured a Tuning Bell version of the C and this was available with a full conversion kit for Bb. Mine is designed essentially as a dedicated C5L and when converted makes a B3L. Both pitches have a lovely warm aura with a hint of brightness to be assertive when needed. This gives another layer of colour compared with my X3Lb. Tuning is pretty good on both pitches and is usually better on Tuning Bell design. The tuning bell length looks identical to the X3.

    I thing a lot depends on the initial design and research the manufacturer is prepared to put into the horn to achieve his objective. We all have a different length/pitch horn as soon as we press a valve down!!! ;-)
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