Why Is There No Discussion On Trumpet Andragogy?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by bamajazzlady, Sep 4, 2015.

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    Larry, right. I have separate pairs of glasses for everyday use, for the computer, and for playing/conducting. Expensive, for sure, but after eyesight getting worse and worse, and having tried to get a general-use pair of trifocals to do it all, I finally just gave in and got specific-use glasses. It's made my life (and the back of my neck) easier.
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    I'm no academic, and I don't know what most of the words used mean on this post. I do know that at age 77, I took up the trumpet and music for the first time. Almost four years later, I am still at it daily and involved in several community bands here in Central Ohio and in Naples Florida. I have found numerous venues to take lessons and instructors willing to help me. The best is the New Horizons Band movement that got it's start in Rochester, NY. They now have bands all over the country and favor older individuals. Google them, you'll be surprised! I had their brochure on my desk for a year or so before I got the nerve to call them and begin instruction.

    Music-Go-Round is another good start, I purchased my first trumpet there and began instruction with one of there instructors. They too, are all across the country.

    I love the old Glenn Miller standards, today I'm learning to play "Stardust, Misty, In the mood, etc., in my jazz band, we play "Soul Man, C.C.R's, 25, 6, to 4 and watermelon man by Herbie Hancock.

    At our Florida Community band, we play all of this good stuff at senior centers, airshows, veterans groups and last year, we played at the Naples Stage in beautiful downtown Naples, FL.

    Take your instrument people and set-in...that's the way you learn! and it's a blast to make music with people.
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    It was a New Horizons band that got me restarted after 30+ years. Very welcoming and encouraging group.
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    "It aint the mouthpiece." W.W.

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    Where is Portlandia?...also, I'm in the market for a Flugel. How do you like yours?
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    Portland is where young people go to retire.

    My CFSO is perfectly cromulent*. Doesn't stop me from lusting after a Clark Terry whenever they happen by.

    * This being the vocabulary thread.
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    Having corresponded with Bamajazzlady about this very problem she has had difficulty finding a teacher who is willing to take on an adult beginner. Teachers who wanted to teach adults were hesitant to accept a rank beginner and teachers who were primarily focused on teaching beginners were hesitant to accept an adult student. And when she was able to persuade someone to accept her as a student things happened that interfered with the plans. I would be nice if the New Horizon Bands program was more widespread for people like her. Many of us are involved in community bands, many of which disband for the summer--it would be nice for those bands to provide a beginning band program during the summer for those who wish to learn an instrument. I currently play in 3 community bands--1 rehearses in a local school who doesn't want to keep the building open during the summer. Another is associated with a Parks and Recreation department that has other uses for their facilities during the summer. The last is just plain not interested--everyone wants to take a break during the summer. I just don't have enough knowledge/expertise on other instruments to undertake a beginning band program. Not sure I could get approval to do it--the band's officers didn't seem interested in pursuing such a program when I spoke to the about it a couple of years ago. I do think that community bands may become vital in training new band musicians as more and more schools (in California) curtain their current music programs.
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    $sonnyman999 and many others here are on the money.
    I think you never stop learning, and I really like the thought that an adult is responsible to make the opportunity and path happen for themselves.

    There are several courses offered free on Music at Berklee - Coursera - plenty to keep you moving if you are that way inclined and self- motivated.

    A Community Band, Church Group, Big Band, Light Orchestra or Trad Jazz Group will all offer opportunities to play. I found my teacher at the first Community Band I went to on my Comeback - he was sitting next to me. He Charges student (kids) rates, and we have been regularly having Friday evening lessons now for 8 years or so.

    I now play with a Concert Band (Saturday Morning rehearsals, 4 major gigs, and it is the resident band every 6 weeks at a Museum), a Light Orchestra (Tuesday evening rehearsals - only 3 or 4 before a gig and 3 gigs a year) a Trad Jazz Rehearsal Band (Wednesday evenings with 2 gigs a year) a Big Band (Thursday evenings and maybe 4 gigs a year) Friday evenings are lessons. Mondays I spend a few hours teaching Bugle to my recently retired Musical Director from the Concert Band. He only started last November, and now plays Bugle and is onto Trumpet.

    My daily routine starts with 1 hour of practice before breakfast.

    Age has nothing to do with making things happen, you just need to go make it happen. Health is probably the only thing that will slow a person down, but examples of people on this forum make me think I am so lucky, there are some inspirational journeys by some of our members.

    Go find like minded people, and learn by playing with them.
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    This thread puts a sour expression on my face, as I just don't accept excuses. Most, as an adult have commitments to employment and family plus increasing health and vision concerns ... too, I've been there and understand. Still, when we make an appointment with another for any purpose we are expected to keep it.

    "I wish I could play a musical instrument!" I've heard so many times spoken by an adult, it gives me so much indifference that I now ignore it. Why not? The persons that have said such, have ignored music most of their lives. The crux is that they've never taken the opportunities to learn music that they were given, and by this they now can't read the "language" of music. They've ignored such so long that they are often afflicted with a terminal absence that approaches the end of their lives where there just isn't the necessary time to develop the ability to sing or play near like those they hear that can. It may approach the adage of, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks".

    Sure, I'm qualified to teach/tutor brass musical instruments but very few are asking me to do so, and I'm making a bold statement that 90% plus adults within a 25 mile radius of my home can't read the language of music. I wish I could be proven wrong!

    I attend church and ponder why the hymnal has 4 part music harmony when all I hear is unison voices of the congregation. True, most hymnals are filled with music that is so small in print size and the illumination is so poor that the music is difficult to read ... and young marching band members complain. Duh! A few churches nearby now project the lyrics of the hymns on the walls, as such only encourages chanting ... not singing.

    Well, I'm driven 100 miles plus for health appointments, and would travel further if need be. How far would those who really want to learn to play a musical instrument travel? Boonies??? I'm so far out, that I've got to travel 32 miles just to put food on our table.
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    Google "New Horizons"

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