Why so many horns

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    The best response for sure is "N+1". If you've never taken a statistics class or done a thesis that answer is lost. Nevertheless it best describes at least players who are trumpet enthusiasts and are likely found participating in forums, thankfully. The trumpet forum is like a support group for people who are powerless over the majesty and brilliance of trumpets and whose checkbook has been made unmanageable by that love.

    I carried a Selmer K-Modified all through college and the next twenty years of playing, get rid of it? Never. But I always wanted to know what the big deal was with those Bach folks so somewhere in time I could not turn away a Strad at a garage sale for $250. Good buy, now I know what a Bach generally plays like. My teacher always talked about a 'big sound' and played a large bore horn, always. So I bought the large bore Yamaha and play it most of the time. It's a lightweight and I'll most likely never sell it just 'because'. Many of us find transposing a PITA hence a C horn in the stable. Mostly we simply like horns. :-)
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    Is that lamb or beef in that pita sandwich?

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    "Why so many horns? No disrespect, but if you have to ask......
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    Some of the trumpet players in the community band I play in only have the one trumpet. No cornets or flugels etc. Just the one horn...unbeliveable isn't it?

    I always have a backup with me. During a concert one time a finger button came off my horn and rolled under the riser they had us trumpeters up on, I didn't find it till after the concert. I was saved by my backup horn.
    I rotate one of my two trumpets and one of my five cornets in my Protec double ipac case.
    I have reduced the number of horns to a manageable amount and kept my favorites. For now N-1 has subsided for me.
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    I just picked up a Bach Strad large bore in "C" to add to my collection. Why another trumpet? Because it adds the ability to play hymns, and other music our director provides, to a Church Brass group, without transposing on the fly. A baritone and a double bell euphonium? Because Ialways wanted the double bell Sousa, and it's a fabulous player with the novelty "trombone" side. Why a Mendez long cornet? Because I wanted one when I was twelve (I know -- not a practical reason) and it was a good deal.
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    I have my original long cornet from when I first learned trumpet in band in grade school, then quickly upgraded to a Bach Strad after coming back to playing, then at some point bought a pocket trumpet although actually it is a pocket cornet, but fun to have when I don't want to carry a lot to practice, then a craigslist find to get an Olds Cornet because it is a beast and had some local history from whoever originally owned it locally from a music store that doesn't exist anymore, oh of course had to get a Flugel horn, and in some ways wish I went with the Kanstul model flugel, but ended up with a 8315 Yamaha flugel. Of course I also found a great Olds Euphonium that I performed tuba xmas once with, and a Yamaha trombone, but that sits collecting dust. I wouldn't mind getting a nice C trumpet and a piccolo but I have never had the need to have a piccolo so for now I may resist that urge... I really like the idea of some time upgrading my Bb trumpet to something really awesome / cool like a monette or Harrelson or taylor or something that is a really neat horn that becomes my new #1 go to horn.
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    Must be an Aussie thing - I blame TM for my case of n+1.

    I'm thinking of thinning down the herd because I like to rotate through it but am getting good value spending practice time on one horn so some instruments might go a few weeks without a work out.

    But I still check eBay every couple of days.... :-)
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    Partly because I am happy with one until I find a better one: Here was the sequence:

    The Year - 1965: Olds Ambassador - Got me through elementary school and marching, besides at 10 years old what the heck did I know about trumpets.
    The Year - 1967: Olds Recording - Recommended by my Jr High teacher as an upgrade as I started to participate in solo and ensemble contests at the State level.
    The Year - 2011: Martin Committee - Because I discovered Trumpet Hangs and it was the most enticing horn I played out of the 250 I tried that day.

    The Year - 1973: Getzen Eterna Flugelhorn w 4-valves - I needed it for a rock and roll band I was playing in and chose it because it looked cool with 4-valves and I got a good price from Manny's in NYC.
    The Year - 2012: Kanstul 1526 Flugelhorn w 4-valves - Because I discovered Trumpet Hangs and it was the most enticing horn I played out of the 10 I tried that day.
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    Yeah but what happened in 2012 besides that Kanstul Flugel?
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    Why? because I don't have one like that one there...

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