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    Jan 31, 2004
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    No kidding ..... that's crazy.

    Our little town has a marching band that has finished in the top ten in state something like 5 of the last 6 years. The parent's group is what makes it go. Not 20%, more like 50 or 60%!

    The band boosters raise funds, help the kids at every function (including water, etc.) and they even helped pay for new uniforms (a lot of money!). One of the reasons the district just added a 3 million dollar music wing to the HS is because of the strong support of band boosters (read: voting parents).

    A town of less than 10,000 has a top state band program, a great set of directors, and a very strong parents organization. Last year the band went and marched in the Fiesta Bowl parade! Guess who raised a great chunk of the money -- the band boosters.

    Why any band director would turn down parent help is crazy. Remind them that parents who work for the band also vote for bond issues and school board elections. It would be political suicide to for the school board to attack the bands at any level in our town. They whole county district is the same way. The directors know that too, but then again, they are very appreciative.

    Words of wisdom, "Get involved, stay involved"


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