Wild Thing in Green Bay

Discussion in 'Horns' started by Greg5850, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Greg5850

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    Jan 10, 2004
    The Wild Thing arrived yesterday and was it exciting! I had all my mouthpieces at school except a 7C so I gave it a go. What a free, soaring sound. My first thought was "sizzling silk". It responded so smoothly but put the sound "out there" so well.
    More first impressions-One of my fellow band directors did listen to an A/B with the Thang and my Bach LT37. ( He has heard me play numerous horns through the years.) He said he liked the way I sounded on the WT the best of any, that it was big and round, even when I used my "lead piece" (Warburton 6S) I also played the Thang with my Bach 1 1/4C. Lead pipe #2 (starts at .460 tapers to .470) worked better with it. For me it's small piece/big slide or big piece/smaller slide. Seems to be logical.
    I gave the WT my slotting test which is the arpeggiated section of Clarke's "Stars In A Velvety Sky". Those notes slotted so well, it was like playing them on a keyboard!
    More later
  2. Greg5850

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    Jan 10, 2004
    More impressions

    Just had my first full day with the WT. I ended up with the #1 slide back on and a Yamaha 16C4 mouthpiece. I love the free and seemingly effortless blow! I played many of my "standard repertoire" tunes from Trumpeters Lullaby to Carnival of Venice. It seemed to be the least effort I ever expended playing. My endurance was better, my range was easier, my sound was big, round and singing, and notes seemed sure. In many ways I thought it was the best I had ever played some of those pieces, and I've been at some of them for almost 40 years. I'm really impressed!
    When I picked my Bach up again it seemed small, tight and stuffy. I might add that I have been trying trumpets for the last 10 years, looking for one I liked better than my Bach. In the end they all came up short in one way or another. I still need to put the lead piece on and try the WT with a Jazz Band or Pep Band and see if it can cut like my Bach.
    Next week I have a friend who was on the "Blast II" tour who wants to try the horn. I'll share his impressions.
  3. tom turner

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Georgia, USA
    Hi Greg,

    I usually stay off these threads but your impressions were the same identical ones that I had when I first picked up a Wild Thing in 2000.

    Like you, I have a lot of pieces I perform live that I've done for years . . . so the results stunned me. Also, on long gigs with bands and combos I've been with for years, I discovered that the horn gave me an easier blow, greater endurance . . . and the ability to go out further on a limb during solos and come back down safely. At the SOUND . . . !

    I must say . . . 3 1/2 years later . . . that I still get the same feeling each time I play it . . . though I'm still amazed at the differences. Thanks again, Flip!!! :D


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