Wisdom Teeth?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by czubywan, Apr 7, 2010.

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    Jan 2, 2010
    I am an medium aged trumpet player at 30 years old and recently got my wisdom teeth out (feb 11th to be exact)

    At that time I was told a week or two off the horn and all good. At 2 weeks I played and no problems with the dissolvable stitches still in place. 3 days later the stitches had finally dissolved and low and behold I had an air leak into my maxillary sinus cavity. Only a tiny one but it scared the heck out of me since all I could smell was blood. So Oral surgeon says 4-6 weeks off and should be good to go because I basically have a hold from my mouth to the sinus.

    Week 5 after first incident and 7 weeks after surgery, I start Monday with long tones and light warm ups play that day and have no problems. No feeling of air leaks or pressure changes in the sinus. I play a little more each day after that until Wednesday. I get a call that night to play taps in the morning. I say ok and go in the morning warm up with no problems or pressure change feelings. Play taps and on the 2nd note until the end a small air leak….back to the oral surgeon where he says it seems like a 1 way valve that just has not healed…. So more time off. He suggests anywhere from another 2 weeks off to 4 months. At 4 months if there is still a leak then we talk about another surgery (of which I would like to avoid and heal)

    It is now two weeks after taps and I am “gun shy” about playing and not knowing when and if I will be playing anytime soon. I have asked around but no one has any answers…..Anyone know anything about this or hear of this happening to anyone else. Or even have any contacts that I could ask questions to….


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    You can practice, just real low impact stuff. Grab a hymnbook and play all of those tunes piano or pianissimo. Big breath and let the notes kind of float out. You can also add Clarke low register stuff and scales - just don't push it.
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    May 8, 2009
    I would agree with Rowuk. Don't push it. Low-impact stuff. and easy, free-blowing sound.

    Look at this as an opportunity to gain some new perspective on things. Concentrate on playing those low notes fatter, better-sounding and freer blowing than you ever have..then make the higher ones feel and sound the same.


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