wtf? man whats up with directors?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by daniel117, Oct 2, 2012.

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    I've heard someone else say that, and it really is true. When I played it I used a shallower mouthpiece to help emulate the sound...that didn't work out too well but I was much closer to an Eb trumpet.

    Why not ask a trumpet teacher for a good piece? I've done the Hummel, which is easier and less demanding range wise.
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    Play the 2nd movement instead, in the original key. It is much slower and not as rangy, but will demand a lot of musicality to pull it off. The octave jumps in the 3rd movement are very difficult.

    Another tack is to ASK your director nicely to help you pick out something you are both comfortable with. Make her your ally! And go back and edit the little three letter abbreviation out of the thread title, as a favor to yourself and the rest of us.
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    I will add a little more.
    The Haydn is our greatest concerto. (The Hummel and Arutiunian are next). It requires excellent musicianship and while not technically difficult, it does require some very solid skill. Haydn was one of the very greatest composers ever and it shows in this work.
    Personally, I find the 3rd movement of the Hummel far more technically challenging than the Haydn. The last 40 bars will knock many players right on their keysters.
    Also, remember you are talking to adults. Learn to use capital letters. You are not texting your chums. As Veery said, spare us the attention grabbing abbreviations. You aren't impressing us at all.
    Rich T.
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    ...and maybe she's just a jerk. Not all teachers and directors are good people whose only intention is to help their students. OTOH she IS the director and can be an impediment to you. You're young. I'd brush off her comment, ask her to help you select something, and move on.
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    Your director might be a jerk. She might also be a person who knows trumpet literature and not so tactfully explained to you that there is a proper key to play the Haydn Concerto. I've been a trumpet judge and heard students play passages down an octave and they wonder why there score wasn't perfect.

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    Comon now Daniel117, you really just wanted to stare at Tine....... :woop:
    Just teasing.....go for the solo, always challenge yourself !

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