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    Jan 10, 2009
    Some horns and mouthpieces for trade:

    1. New York Bach Stradivarius 7-53 lacquered, medium bore
    2. New York Bach Stradivarius 10-53 silver, medium bore with larger Charlie Melk leadpipe (BEST CONDITION EVER)
    3. Amrein piccolo (over $5000 new)
    4. Yamaha YTR-6810S piccolo (sorry, Christopher!)
    5. Schilke E3L with Smith-Watkins Eb bell (custom made for a broader, fatter sound) and Schilke D bell
    6. Vintage Besson Brevetée flugelhorn
    7. GR 67L trumpet mouthpiece
    8. GR 67MX trumpet mouthpiece

    I will consider cash offers, but prefer trades. I am looking for the following (but please let me know what else you have):
    Lawler M3R
    Lawler flugelhorn
    Eclipse MR/MY/LR/LC
    New York Bach ML/L bore
    Bach Mt Vernon
    Newer Bach Strad 37 silver
    Yamaha YFH-6310Z flugelhorn
    Schilke Bb's

    Get in touch on [email protected]
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