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    I wish I was good enough to play in his bands. He was my idol when I first learned to play trumpet. He had just won 2 grammy's one for Jazz and one for classical.If my memory serves me right he played the 3RD movement of the Hummel and "sequenced" into Noz Mo King live that night. I was in awe a young 13 year old I was. Thank you Mr Marsalis for all your contributions to our instrument and art form.Please no more polls, comments about artists anymore. Let's appreciate their gifts to us!!!
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    Oct 29, 2007
    I'd like to assure you that I'm a happy bunny and mostly bounce around optimistically - although I can authentically play irritated, negative tunes every now and again, like us all, I hope!

    I also must apologise for requesting reflection within answers, and then using such a teenage expression like "almost puked"!!! Not the best way to set the tone of the strand!

    Please note that if someone criticises an establishment figure (LCJO, Pulitzer etc etc) maybe it's in order to question the establishment, the norm, I'm allowed to do that? Maybe that's how we develop? Wynton wasn't shy about criticising musicians who developed the Jazz tradition after 1965, so folks, don't be sad, and this isn't bashing, it's just discussion!
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    It is all a matter of choice... I think Wynton is a great player and person...but I don't like everything he does....I have seen him live three times....and will continue to see him everytime that he is in my area.

    Whatever he does is always....top drawer......if you pay attention he is always educating.....he makes a big deal about dynamics.....and quality of sound. He keeps music from the past alive...I found on one occasion I was not too keen on what he was playing....then it dawned on me that he was playing the music just like it had been done in the past. I am sure he could have put a Wynton spin on it and I would have found it more palitable.....ultimately he seems very humble and doesn't "grandstand" like...xxxxxxx did. He doesn't go for the easy "thrill".

    We all have different tastes but if we try to understand what Wynton is doing for music we will find a true great.

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    "Maybe, since you love it so much, you should buy it? I'm not saying I never downloaded anything before but the stuff one truly loves and respects should be bought and paid for. Support them. You would want support if you had a cd out."

    I did. I purchased it on Itunes. I'm not sure why you would assume otherwise. I've never downloaded anything illegally in my life and was actually unaware those services still exist.

    Most of music is purchased through Emusic or Itunes these days. Hence I download (legally) a lot of music.
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    Nothing wrong with criticizing the establishment, or even someones playing, if something is lacking. Criticizing a player because you feel they are not active enough with "new music" is certainly not forbidden, but in the light of what Wynton accomplishes and has accomplished shows that this opinion is not very well thought through.

    Each of us (including Wynton) has to follow our own dreams even if that is not what someone else thinks is the right agenda. Wyntons argumentation about the jazz tradition after 1965 was not accomplished by stopping listening, rather by analysis based on what he had learned by jumping in and doing it. We may or may not disagree, but he tried it before he criticized it. His position as a musician has nothing to do with the establishment - he earned that by hard work. His CDs are not spliced together like much of the brainless pop shoved down our kids throats. He plays the stuff on the CDs in live concert too - equally cleanly. OK, he is luckier than 99,999% of us because he has the contracts and the influential friends - he earned that too. I wish I had his consummate knowledge of music.
  6. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    there is no need to shoot you down - you have taken care of that for us.

    If you seek the good in every player that you meet or hear, you will find more than enough inspiration for your own playing. If you only look for things that you consider not adequate, you most likely will miss the joyous moments too.

    The easiest way to stay happy in life is to focus on the good things. If you "almost puked" when listening to Wynton then you should have turned the TV off-you had the POWER to do so and your evening would have been saved. No reason to unnecessarily suffer! I find it impossible to believe that that reflux urge had anything to do with Wynton however. It had more to do with your very personal, one-sided expectations of this multi-faceted player. You claim to have stopped listening, I guess we know how to interpret your criticism of things that you have not experienced.

    I too have a short list of things that I prefer to hear from other players (baroque trumpet concertos for instance). That has nothing to do with good and bad, it has to do with the power of preference and in no way detracts from Wyntons playing.

    So to round this up: closed minds generally start living a very lonely life because nothing "meets the standard". When that starts applying to the small group of "greatest evers" it is time to review our own prejudices. I have been there and can say that reviewing works. My suggestion to you is to buy what suits your fancy, give us some posts with reviews of the music that YOU like. I am looking for inspiration here, not a peek at someone elses garbage can.
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    Good point. The very first Wynton bashers were those defending Miles Davis against some of the infamitory things Wynton said in the 80s.

  8. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    I think Miles was pretty controversial by then too. He obviously felt heat coming from the next generation. You generally ignore insignificant criticism.............
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    I also think that Wynton was be personally "pushed" to say those things by guys behind the scenes (Crouch, etc).
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    Apr 13, 2007
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    Has anyone listened to Big Train with LCJO, it's brilliant. Some of my favorite Wynton songs are Wheel Within A Wheel, One By One, My Funny Valentine. Those songs are not part of Big Train but are very good.

    You read and hear a lot of criticism about everybody and just choose to listen and immerse myself in the critiqued party before judgement. When you think about it, why bother at all, if you don't like something that an artist is doing no one forces you to be a part of that recording.

    The way I see it is just this, due to time and financial obligation I will probably never get past christmas carols and the odd Fly Me To The Moon. That is okay with me because when I play as basic as it may be, I have so much fun it's cool just to say that I can play the trumpet.

    Wynton has built a career around loving to play trumpet. he is successful and loved by many. He has promoted and encouraged people to broaden their view and explore music. These are positive attributes to a man whose family has dedicated their lives to making music for people to enjoy.

    These reasons alone invalidate any level of criticism on a very raw basis. Now having said that, the only thing I see with Wynton is that he seems to have gotten very arrogant.

    Every record he puts out backs that up...

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