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    Sep 26, 2004
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    I'm not the kind of guy that keeps a journal, but I just had to write out my frustration down.

    So I had it all arranged: When the Canadian Brass are in Ottawa on Aug 5th (today) I would have a lesson with Charles Lazarus. Planned this since before the summer.

    I play in a military band and the other day they told me that I can't have one mesely hour in the afternoon to have this lesson. I am pissed at this point. Their excuse was that I was needed for a reh for a concert with music we already did! And what happens today? as soon as we arrive at rehearsal, the bloody fire alarm goes off and we were outside for ONE HOUR! Once we arrived back inside we were chewed out for having messy rooms and because I am a section commander I had to attend a room inspection this evening during the time of the concert. I was so mad I couldn't see straight. Luckely I got off the room inspection and the Sgt took over for me.

    Lets just say that if I missed that concert (and the lesson) and had to inspect a room, their rooms had better be cleaned!!! (spick and span I'm talkn')

    sorry about the rant, I just had to blow off steam. (Apparently people around here dont think that the Canadian Brass is worth seeing) :x :x :x

    Eric S.

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