Yamaha student horn and gumming

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    Nov 28, 2008
    I have a Yamaha horn in pretty good condition. I think it's a student horn but I cannot tell even what model it is. If it is a student or intermediate horn, would it be any use to me on gigs? What separates a professional horn from a student horn? Would the fact that it is Yamaha make it a good horn regardless to take to church performances or symphony concerts? I also want to know about cleaning it out: it had to be restored before I could play it and so Meyer Music used it's own oil and grease on it after they replaced the valves. I use Hetman's and I don't want to mix it with the MM stuff so how would I get the other grease and oil off before I put my Hetman's on? Just disassemble the axe and give each of the individual parts a bath and a scrub in warm water?
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    I would not get hung up on marketing terms student,itermediate,pro? If you like the way it sounds for the type of music you are playing then use it for that! If you sound awful on it then get rid of it! It really is that simple. Usualy a trumpet has a prefered sound that it seems to natural produce for a given person and that is what you would use it for. This is why some trumpets are great all around trumpets but not great at any one thing while other's are biased so much towards a particular sound that they can not really be made to sound good in other area's. FOr instance a dedicated Jazz trumpet usualy is not a great choice for Orchastra music. This is why most trumpet players have at least two and usualy three trumpets if they play seriously. One trumpet just does not do it all as well as three can.This is not even ccounting C, Eb,G trumpets etc......

    This is why I would love at some point to get a trumpet that will allow me to change leadpipes and bells out. This would cover more ground then any orther single leadpipe/bell trumpet could.
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    To see what Yamaha say about the difference why don't you Google the Yamaha website?

    To get the other lubricants off pull the horn apart and wash it.

    If it is silverplated - hot soapy water, if it is lacquered - cool to luke warm soapy water. Let it air dry thoroughly and re-assemble using your own choice of oils and greases. wipe down and polish with a soft cloth when all of the steps above are completed.
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    If you would like, I can send you my paper on how to clean and maintain your trumpet>
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