WTS: Yamaha xeno 8335rs20th anniversary!!!! Only 50 were made

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    Oct 17, 2015
    Hello trumpeters,

    As many of you have seen before I decided to sell my little collection of horns.... Congratulations to all my previous buyers for their excellent purchases.

    Now is the turn of a really really special and very rare trumpet because only 50 of this gems were made.

    YAMAHA XENO 8335RS20TH, limited Xeno 20th anniversary model.

    -Silver plate with goldplated piston buttons, valve caps and bottom caps
    -ML bore (0.459"), one piece yellow bras bell 5 1/4" (134.4mm)
    -Case TRC-20TH anniversary custom made, for two trumpets

    The bell is engraved with the distinctive "Xeno 20th Anniversary" logo. The thin-walled bell and medium-large bore combine to produce a powerful sound with a quick response while still being able to achieve presence and warmth at softer volumes. The bell design features a French bell bead with low-dome wire similar to the Xeno Artist Models which helps the instrument maintain a strong core of sound at louder volumes and also gives the player more enhanced feedback. The side-seam construction of the bell produces even vibrations.

    The 3rd valve slide stopper is extended and placed on the outside of the tube like the Xeno Artist Model to allow the player to achieve a true Low F. The stopper ring is 1/4 the weight of a normal ring and does not completely encompass the slide tube. This type of stopper is extremely difficult to make and is a testament to the skilled craftsmen at Yamaha. The combination of these features not only makes this trumpet more ergonomic and comfortable but also improves the projection of sound.

    The "Xeno 20th Anniversary model trumpet features the piston buttons of the Xeno Artist Model trumpets while retaining the design of the top and bottom valve caps from the Xeno line. This small adjustment in weight position gives this trumpet a more free-blowing feel with enhanced tonal colors.

    Really excellent horn, very versatile. Very easy to play, centered focus with great flexibilitty and big projection. Excellent slotting. For additional information and photos feel free to contact me.

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9eaqpi2ukbum ... GjJMa?dl=0


    PRICE: 2500$ included shipping

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