Yet another "How to play test a trumpet" thread.

Discussion in 'Horns' started by gwood66, Feb 11, 2018.

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    My wife has never asked how much a horn cost, the usual question is "what do you want another one for", the latest answer was "this is an investment horn", I shall have to start shedding some of the 50 or so, I have run out of excuses.

    Years ago I conducted a reverse auction with an antique dealer that had the bones of an Alexander French horn, started at $500, after 6 months negotiation got it for $100, eventually sent it to the factory for a complete restoration cost $4,500, very reasonable for a horn new $13,500.

    Regards, Stuart.
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    Makes sense to me, sort of a round robin single elimination tournament. Winner moves on, loser goes home.
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    One thing to remember: You very likely are taking the characteristics of your present horn into the "test lab".

    As an example, if your present horn has an intonation issue that you are able to compensate, you may inadvertently apply that same compensation to the test horn and feel that the notes on your test horn are out of tune in the other direction.
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    Back then, I wasn't the international trumpet star that I am today...ROFL

    In reality, a sign like that would probably lower the value of an instrument...ha ha. The trick is, sound like crap if you're play-testing a horn to buy, and sound like a million bucks if you're demonstrating a horn you're trying to sell.
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    As always, thanks for all of the advice. Trent Austin just posted a video on this topic as well.


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