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  1. SteveRicks

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    Aug 15, 2009
    I ran across the opportunity to buy an old York trumpet. Can anyone share some info on these? Any good? Comparable to...? What are the model names in from bottom to tops?

    The one I was looking at seemed to be fairly thick and heavy metal -the spit valves resemled an Olds Ambassador. It was missing a right hand finger hook (broken). No dinks but lacquer about gone. Worth making an offer on it? Didn't have a mouthpiece with me.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Jackson Arch

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    Mar 6, 2010

    When my Dad got me started on trumpet in the 4th grade, he brought home a York trumpet for me to play (My first toots were on his Olds Super, but I can now only imagine how terrifying that must have been for Dad). I played that York through to my senior year of high school when Dad could stand it no longer. The York then became my bad weather marching horn. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any model info. It just had "YORK" engraved across the bell. My sister swiped it later on in life; have not seen it since.

    From what I remember, it was basic but highly functional. And, if I remember right, it was a strong, heavy horn (like an Ambassador). The lacquer was about all gone after 8 years of band and the valves were getting a little rough, but it held up fine. My strongest memory of the York was how smooth and beautiful the sound of the Olds Super was by comparison. Whereas (30+ years later), I don't see (hear) that great of a difference in "quality" of sound between an Olds Ambassador and a Super. The sound is certainly different between an Ambassador and a Super, but the Ambassador still has a very nice sound, of its own.

    Wish I could get my hands on the old York and give you a better comparision. Without being able to do that, I would say that the Ambassador is clearly superior. I tracked a York on ebay several months ago out of curiousity. It had the same "YORK" on the bell. The finish was much better than what mine had by the end of high school. It sold for around $30...very sad.
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  3. oldlou

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    Aug 28, 2005
    Grand Rapids, Mi.

    Go to Horn-u-copia, scroll down to the York segment and check out the trumpets in the 'manufacturers gallery'. If you find a match to the one you refer, get back to me for more info. York made everything from student grade to artist grade trumpets.

  4. talcito

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    Feb 18, 2004
    I have a York Custom that Jerry Callet used as one of his model horns when he was creating the "Sima". It has a rimless bell similar to the Conn Vocabell.

    The York Custom I have plays VERY bright. Brightest horn I ever played.....hardly any lower overtones in the sound whatsoever. It also has an extremely easy upper register. Its a large bore but really feels like a medium bore.

    I never took it on a gig until recently. I thought the tone was just too bright when I played it at home. Playing with a very loud salsa band that night I found this horn sounded just amazing when playing into a microphone......no problems cutting thru the percussion section that night!

    These horns are definately of top quality build and can be found extremely inexpensive on ebay.
  5. Jackson Arch

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    Mar 6, 2010
    I figure my York was built during the early-mid 1960's and assume that it would have been the basic or student model. I could not tell much from the Horn-u-copia site. There is one that looks similar, but there is no model listed with that one. Wish I could get mine back. Spent a bunch of quality time with that old horn.

    Neat site. Hope you can find one to compare with the one you are considering, Steve.

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