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  1. Ray Vega

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    I try to hear different things for different styles.
    For Instance.
    Latin Lead: Victor Paz or Luis Aquino
    Jazz Lead: Snooky Young, Jon Faddis, Wayne Bergeron
    Commercial Lead: Luis Aquino, Jerry Hey.......Gary Grant, Barry Danielian
    Jazz: Clifford Brown, Freddie Hubbard, Woody Shaw....Miles
    Classical: Maurice Andre, Bud Herseth....Malcolm McNab
    I throw these sound concepts into an imaginary funnel and I hope that the end results meet the demands of the job at hand.

    For the warm up, I play all of my routines using a sound reference based on Herseth. This helps to set the tone (no pun intended) for any direction.
  2. Alex Yates

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    Aug 11, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    Touching on something Derek said about dovetailing and such. PH and I have done that several times while working together when pressed for a "warm up". It gets us both riding the sound waves and our sounds naturally congeal. Isn't that cool? :D

    I can also say that after a certain point I am just "singing" in my head as well. When you can be that free and relaxed, it all seems to fall into place. We get there from listening to others. It is a process that usually comes full circle.
  3. BflatAnklan

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    Jan 28, 2005
    Midwest area USA
    Greg Wing playing "People" - a Don Sebesky chart.
  4. Vulgano Brother

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    Mar 23, 2006
    Parts Unknown
    For the most part, gold. Gold like in shiny, yeah, gut gold like in heavy, too. Gold as sunlight is golden, from the gentle rays filtering through a forest to August-intense at noon. That's the color part.

    The other part is having "life" to the sound, and is hard as heck for me to describe. Go to the folloing link, scroll down and listen to Fanfare to the Common Man (it's on the left).

    Vienna Symphonic Library

    Whatever that is which is missing, that is what I try to fill into my playing.
  5. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    The sound in my head changes with the music and the horn that I use.
    For playing lead, the Basie or Buddy Rich big bands. For classical, I have no one player covers all. Many times I am NOT looking for flowing, dark, round, big, rather want to precisely shoot small sharp bullets - detached (especially with the natural trumpet playing early classical music or the D-trumpet playing early 20th Century stuff). There are other times when I picture a blue sky with one wisp of a cloud, or rain, snow, lightning, hail, lava.

    Influences: for the articulate- the Berlin Philharmonic under von Karajan (Groth or Krätzer)
    for elegance- Gil Johnson(my first symphonic hero with that "Philadelphia" sound!) or Manny
    baroque- Niklas Eklund, Dennis Ferry and Ed Tarr
    for getting an audiences attention- Raphael Mendéz
    for all round playing- Wynton Marsalis or Urban Agnas
    for sheer beauty of tone-Maurice André
    for leadership-Bud Herseth
    for stretching the envelope-Markus Stockhausen
    for interpreting the ink-Heinz Zickler on trumpet, Martha Argerich on piano or David Oistrakh on violin
    for a fresh approach-Sergei Nakariakov
    for being bigger than life- Timofei Dokschizer and Armondo Ghitalla. I would like to also describe these two players as "servants" to the music that they played. For my ears, the composers stamp always seemed to be greater than their own individuality - that truly made them "individualists"!

    Yes, there are a ton of other influences on my playing like Maynard and Miles, Carroll and Cassone, Severinsen and Smith, Watkins and Wilbraham.................................

    To be honest, every time I hear live music, I learn something. It doesn't matter who plays, how well or how poorly it is played - there is ALWAYS some message for me. The honesty of a live performance never ceases to amaze me. CDs are just a means to trigger those real live memories!
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  6. Ray Vega

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    Your post on this matter is right on the mark!!!!!! Totally inspiring!

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