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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by FreshBrewed, May 21, 2004.

  1. FreshBrewed

    FreshBrewed Mezzo Piano User

    Nov 11, 2003
    Houston, TX
    If you could choose ten trumpets to keep on the market, what would they be? They can be different models of the same brand. Try to list five pro level horns and five student model horns. I'm just curious. Let's try to keep it civil and not criticize other's choices. Thanks.
  2. Tootsall

    Tootsall Fortissimo User

    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    Pro horns (In no particular order)

    Eclipse MR (duh)
    Schilke B1 (also duh)
    Yamaha 8335
    Conn V1
    Kanstul 1500

    Student horns (also in no particular order)

    Yamaha 2335
    Kanstul 710
    Olds Ambassador (old style)
    B & S Challenger
    Getzen 700 Eterna

    Only 5 + 5? dang! Oh well, there's always room for the other keys, plus cornets, plus flugels *chuckle* Hey! and you didn't say they had to be mass-produced neither!
  3. kdawg

    kdawg New Friend

    Nov 19, 2003
    i'll take a shot at this one... i haven't played very many though
    1. Getzen 3050S (what i own)
    2. Conn V1
    3. Getzen 900 Classic
    4. Selmer 80J (2-4 fell in love with when i played)
    5. Eclipse (haven't played but want to)
    6. Lawler (ditto)
    student models -
    7. Kanstul 600 (the modern ambassador?)
    8. Getzen 300 (valves enough said)
    9. Bach Omega (k not student, but it is intermediate)
    10. Bach TR 300 (probably the most common)

    MUSICandCHARACTER Forte User

    Jan 31, 2004
    Newburgh, Indiana
    Wow, what a question!

    To be fair, you should have played some horns at least somewhat extensively (not just a quick blow at a conference etc.). Most of us have not played Monettes for example. ZeuS, Wild Thing, Eclipse are just now starting to have some market penetration. I haven't, for example, played a Wild Thing or an Eclipse.

    But student horns I have had some experience with since I devote a lot of my website to beginners and parents.

    These 5 horns are in no particular order. Just the five best student horns I have played:

    Yamaha 2335
    Bach 300
    Getzen 300
    ZeuS 250
    Blessing XL

    I don't even want to go into professional level horns. There are many good horns out there that I only know by reputation.


    MUSICandCHARACTER Forte User

    Jan 31, 2004
    Newburgh, Indiana
    Pretty high class student horns :shock:

  6. Tootsall

    Tootsall Fortissimo User

    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    Jim, based on price alone I was going to put Zues "G" in that list too... I know Kanstul quality (own one of their "stencils") solely because, for the price, it's within reach of many serious students and so should be on their list.

    Note that the B & S is the "stage I" version, not the Challenger II.
  7. musicalmason

    musicalmason Forte User

    Dec 14, 2003
    Bach strad 37
    Callet .470 (pick the name you want to call them)
    selmer paris radial
    eclipse(havent played one but so want to)
    Schilke S42

    Olds ammbasador
    Getzen Capri
    Yammi 2335
    Conn 20B
    bach omega

    MUSICandCHARACTER Forte User

    Jan 31, 2004
    Newburgh, Indiana
    I guess therein lies a debate: What is a student horn?

    Price I suppose could be a criteria. But if that is the case some student horns would well outplay many professional horns.

    I figured they are horns marketed and aimed a students, usually the lowest price (or close to it) horn in a companies line. Before you get to the Guarnerius, you have the ZeuS 250 and 750.

    But that begs the question, is there an intermediate horn? If so, what is it for? Is it a high priced beginner horn, or a very low priced professional horn? What do you need an intermediate horn for? Marching maybe? That is why I said Bach 300 over the Bach Omega. But then I did the opposite picking the Blessing XL over the Scholastic.

    Oh well, many questions :D :shock:

  9. camelbrass

    camelbrass Mezzo Forte User

    Nov 5, 2003
    Dubai, UAE

    I won't have a shot at the student/intermediate argument, I'll leave that to you guys. :)


    Bach 37
    Bach 72*
    Calicchio 1s/7
    Schilke B1
    Schilke B6


    Yammie 2335
    Olds Ambassador
    Besson International/Kanstul 600
    Challenger (on the cusp)
    Getzen 300

    What no Eclipse, WT, Taylor, Lawler you say? :D

    I guess I've taken 'pro' literally. If I had to earn my money playing trumpet these are the 5 I'd try and choose from. Likewise if I taught these are the trumpets I'd be happy to see my students with.


  10. TrentAustin

    TrentAustin Fortissimo User

    Oct 28, 2003
    KC MO
    Top Ten Pro Horns:

    1. Eclipse (again, duh!)
    2. Monette (don't knock it until you try it!)
    3. Bach
    4. Calicchio
    5. Schilke
    6. Selmer
    7. Blackburn
    8. Lawler
    9. Yamaha
    10. Edwards

    That's really hard putting it down to only ten horns... with Kanstul and all of Kanstul's variants you could easily get up to twenty.



    PS: To show a true sign of my old "blame the trumpet vs. actual practice" disease I've owned at least one of everything on my top ten list!

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