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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by eisprl, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. tom turner

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Georgia, USA
    I have my dream horn, a gold-plated Wild Thing, with all eight slides, that outplays all the boutique horns I've ever tried from those other brands mentioned so far. Then again, tastes and preferences are soooo different for folks!

    That being said, I'm no longer looking. I'm sort of like a guy in a very happy marriage (which also applies) . . . when one is TOTALLY happy, they stop needing to look!!!

    I also concur with other past and present military bandsmen. In my Army band back in the '70s we also had our pick . . . of ANY available trumpet in our unit's supply room. OR . . . you could play your own. I was soon playing my own . . . an brand new, early LA Benge.

    I played a gig up around DC a few years ago with a trumpeter in the US Army Band in Washington. He was playing a gold-plated, new Schilke that the band bought him. He was able to choose what he wanted to play and the band worked with him to perfect the blow on his horn. Then again, he was a very top-shelf career musician (since retired) playing in a very top band.

  2. eisprl

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    Sep 26, 2004
    Halifax, NS CANADA
    Sorry, let me clear some things up. First of all I auditioned for the CANADIAN 'military' (Navy, Air Force or Army). In the music trade wherever you are located you wear one of the three uniforms.

    I know the system very well and I know people in the system who have had their bands bring in horns for them to try and then purchase. They then sign the horn out to the member and it is theirs for the duration of their service.

    As far as what I like, I play the Yamaha xeno because I liked the sound I got in all registers. I know there are "better" horns out there and I was just trying to gain intel on whats out there. I can play the lead stuff no problem but as far as the "lazer-tone" approach, I am not a fan. (I hear the Bobby Shew horn by Yamaha - 8310z is a good horn) I might ask for that one as well.

  3. Tootsall

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    Eric, I chatted with a guy who is with the Central Command Band out of Winnipeg a few years back. He said that the band provided the instruments... but that they were all the same make. He was selling his own Schilke because the band was buying some. Things may have changed; you'd do best to go to one of the band websites and contact one of the trumpet guys directly. Use the DND website to "drill down" to the bands.

  4. oldlou

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    Aug 28, 2005
    Grand Rapids, Mi.
    MY dream horn

    I am most aware that what I reccomend is not in current manufacture, or if it is, I am not aware of it. I am an elderly 'comebacker' who fell in love with my dad's 1927 model King Silvertone trumpet at an early age. It was stolen and I have admittedly not tried every last trumpet to have come onto the market since then, but, I have yet to find anything to match that old King, or even come close. If there is something that is equal to my old Silvertone in current manufacture I would certainly like to find out about it. I currently have a factory gold plated King Liberty of very early vintage that is the nearest thing to a Silvertone that I have found, thus far.

    My reccomendation is to find one of the old sterling silver belled Silvertone trumpets to try and then find a currently made horn that comes close.

  5. Solar Bell

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    May 11, 2005
    Metro Detroit
    I'm all set.

    Finally got the perfect fit. :D

  6. tom turner

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Georgia, USA

    I recommend that you take your loved Xeno with you when you join, and not be in a rush to find a better horn.

    You'll be exposed to professional musicians who are making a living on their horns, have the money to play what they find is best for them, and you'll have a large variety of top horns to test probably.

    It is at this time that you'll probably find your dream horn. Pros play many hours a day, and their mature chops many times take them to a different blowing horn than is popular with developing students. Than again, you may also find that you like what you are currently playing just fine!

    This is a great time indeed, for a player to find a great trumpet. There are more custom builders out there right now than there were years ago!


    Tom Turner
  7. samdaman

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    Jun 15, 2006
    Baltimore, MD
    Boy oh boy.... like a kid in a candy store. Hope that your story is true and they do let you pick your own axe. But anyway... here it goes...

    1) Monette 993 in silver
    2) Getzen Genisis
    3) Eclipse (any make, any model... you can't get a bad horn)
    4) Adaci or Taylor (couldn't decide)
    6)Anything else from the New York Trumpet Company
  8. blasticore

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    Nov 15, 2003
    Orlando, FL
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  9. Eclipsehornplayer

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    Sep 14, 2005
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    Trent you shouldn't have to qualify this type of non-sense; you're a better man then I.

    Man, lighten up no one said anything bad about Monette! Hell I wish I could play a Monette; but I play what I can afford and it works.

    As for me; I have my dream horn.

    I bought my first and only private teacher's Bach "C" and it is no where near the horn it is in my hands that it is in her's (Alex) but the sedimental value of that horn is PRICELESS! The only thing I'd change from my current line up is to get an Eclipse Bb. After playing their "C" I just know that would take care of the "Bb" department. However I'd be remiss if I did not echo OLDLOU's comments about the King line. I have a Bb 1964 King Silverflair and I just love it.

    To each his or her own I guess.

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