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  1. Sneak peek - new album
  2. Terry Everson on Brass Chats!
  3. Great new brass quintet for Halloween
  4. Take Two Bottles into the Shower?
  5. World Premiere of Newly Rediscovered Operetta by Carl Millöcker
  6. ever wondered what happened to mic gillette? he's touring with his daughter.
  7. Corneta Player - Just wow
  8. How to look like an oboist while playing the trumpet.
  9. Small Ensemble Stuff from Editions Marc Reift
  10. Håkan Hardenberger Conversation and Rehearsal
  11. Carnival of Venice By Clarke
  12. 2016 Burke & Bagley Prize Competition for BRASS QUINTET
  13. Writing a New Brass Quintet
  14. Brass Chats with Mike Roylance
  15. Just a little Fanfare
  16. An old excerpt from Bruckner by the Boston Symphony under William Steinberg.
  17. Lt. Kije by Prokofiev. Kije's Wedding. Reiner/CSO Recorded 1956
  18. Some more from the Reiner/CSO era. The finale from Strauss's Symphonia Domestica.
  19. High School Wind Ensemble
  20. Stravinsky: Song of the Nightingale. Reiner/CSO recorded in November, 1956.
  21. Another staggering performance by the CSO and Reiner. Alexander Nevsky/Prokofiev
  22. Levine/Chicago Symphony. Herseth and the brass section raising the bar.
  23. Beethoven 9!!
  24. A Very Interesting Video
  25. Stardust trumpet solo?
  26. Sheet Music for Vivaldi Trumpet concert in A flat major
  27. New Music for Trumpet
  28. Nice Baroque Trumpet Music
  29. Recommend a book?
  30. Hey! Even some string players know how to practice!
  31. Rep for museum tank/gun unveiling ceremony
  32. looking for German Oktoberfest music...
  33. Simple Gifts for brass quintet
  34. sheet music for Libertango performance as played by Tine Thing Helseth & tango trio
  35. James last rip
  36. New Brass Quintet
  37. The Phantom of the Opera
  38. The Phantom of the Opera
  39. Looking for lesser-known solo works...
  40. Help! Need some SIMPLE Trumpet duet music for The Sound of Music
  41. Karin Bliznik Brass Chat
  42. Havana Express by Victor Lopez
  43. Alan Gilbert: Orchestras in the 21st Century - a new paradigm
  44. Baroque Trumpet Music... Today!
  45. Trumpet repitore
  46. Not just for the cartoons.
  47. Hello there.......
  48. Easter picture
  49. Trumpet part needed
  50. Practice Makes Perfect?
  51. Civil War Brass Band Music Identifying please
  52. Brass Chats Opus 7 is Mr. Ray Mase!
  53. Rehearsing Brass Quintet
  54. Robert Sullivan - Danny Boy
  55. No longer in Brass Band...
  56. RSNO - Section principal vacancy
  57. Sergei Nakariakov-No More Wunderkind
  58. Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
  59. "Spanish" Sound
  60. Trumpet Choirs
  61. Septura - brass septet in London, UK
  62. Help! Soprano cornet player urgently needed!
  63. Copland's Quiet City
  64. What are yor Classical Music Preferences?
  65. Herseth Interview Video
  66. Is there any more music in this style?
  67. Pete Bond gets Monstered with questions
  68. Exciting New Brass Quintet
  69. Need Lyrical Solo Piece For Contest and Auditions
  70. Trumpet Auditions - Bay Area Rainbow Symphony
  71. 34 Studies - Brandt
  72. Denver Dill and The Monsters Teaser!
  73. Merry Christmas from Elysium Brass!
  74. Last Christmas concert of 2014.
  75. An update, a life lesson (???), and an upcoming audition!
  76. Symphonic Auditions
  77. My Trumpet Section at Region Band Auditions
  78. The Rite of Spring for 2 Trumpets - yes, really :-)
  79. Baroque Trumpet...
  80. The CSO Christmas
  81. Alison Balsom with the Philadelphia Orchestra
  82. Tough conductor in Dallas
  83. Josh Landress meets the Monsters
  84. Robert Herzl RIP
  85. Vince Penzarella Article
  86. Song 4 U?
  87. 4th "Trumpet" Mozart Mass in C Major KV 167
  88. where to breathe
  89. Last Brass Band Concert
  90. Wow
  91. Baltimore Symphony's Rusty Musicians ride again
  92. Tips for the Arutiunian?
  93. Motor City Brass Band - recent recordings
  94. Colburn School
  95. Tom Rolfs Completely Out of Context Teaser
  96. Mordents in Hadyn's 3rd Movement
  97. Seven Belgian Solos de Concours
  98. Kevin McKee Music - October Sale!
  99. College Audition
  100. Wynton's cadenza on Hayden.
  101. A Really Big Orchestra!
  102. Upcoming College Auditions
  103. Ewald 1 quintet
  104. Truly solo performers?
  105. Enesco's Legend Mute choice
  106. Paul Merkelo on Mahler 5
  107. Our small section
  108. Anyone know where Free Sheet Music is....?
  109. I just enjoyed this
  110. Bartok's "The Miraculous Mandarin"
  111. Irish Suite for BQ - on sale now
  112. Members of Detroit Symphony perform at Ford Plant
  113. The Alliance Brass Quintet presents: Tip Tuesday!
  114. RIP LSO trumpeter Rod Franks
  115. That one bar time decision....
  116. Pictures at an exhibition with Bud and Solti and CSO
  117. Andante et Scherzo by Barat
  118. arutunian trumpet concerto
  119. Arutunian
  120. After 36 Years, A Trumpeter Sounds His Last Note In New York
  121. Lost in Trumpslation
  122. Audition Opportunity
  123. Phil Smith - Pleasant Listening!
  124. Matthias Hofs recital
  125. Played in a symphony orchestra for the first time in four years!
  126. Best Wagner moment?
  127. Why Everyone Should Learn Music
  128. Announcing the 2014 Burke & Bagley Prize for Brass Quintet
  129. Franck and the missing cornets.
  130. National Brass Ensemble
  131. I'm looking for some free orchestral background music
  132. Louis Armstrong transcriptions
  133. Playing in Tune is Really, Really Hard
  134. Free Trumpet Sheet Music- Vivaldi Fanfare for Trumpet Quartet
  135. Happy birthday....
  136. Me thinks Mnozil is spreading
  137. In Loving Memory.....
  138. Question about "vibrando" in Borodin's "Polovtsian dances"
  139. A bit of a blow....
  140. LA Phil Audition
  141. ...speaking of Ozymandias
  142. HELP! Music needed!
  143. Two of my original brass quartets.
  144. Easter Music Excerpt
  145. Tine nails it!
  146. Spectacle Brass Needs Your Help!
  147. Brass Band parts needed
  148. Orchestral Acceptance Question
  149. Symphony Audition Tomorrow....
  150. Your Worst Audition Experience?
  151. Classical Music Theory
  152. Tom Hooten Talk / Ketting Intrada and Mahler 3
  153. Meet the Musician: Marvin "Chappy" Perry II
  154. Title of Dixieland jazz song?
  155. looking for music
  156. Schoenberg -Theory of Harmony
  157. #OrchestraYou
  158. On Octave Keys and the Subharmonic Series
  159. Arranging a string quartet piece for a brass quartet?!!?!?!!?
  160. Speaking of Phrygian Mode....
  161. Moving while Playing
  162. Bach Chaconne Partita No.2 for violin on trumpet?
  163. Arban's themes and variations piano accompaniment
  164. "Mnozil Brass" - Florentiner March
  165. Messiaen - Technique of my Musical Language
  166. Slurs and phrasing marks
  167. Maurice André & Béatrice André, 'Summertime' (G.Gershwin)
  168. Trumpets and Cornets in late Romantic
  169. Critique our trumpet trio
  170. as long as its not in B minor...I can't stand B minor
  171. Has anyone here played a piece called andante et allegro by Joseph guy ropartz
  172. New Trumpet Quartet - Music Needed!
  173. Recommend some good classic music to me
  174. looking for new pieces
  175. Upcoming Audition: Why did I procrastinate????? Help!
  176. Frank Zappa referred to his solo's as "sculping air"
  177. Original Orchestral Sheet Music Trumpet Scores and Excerpt Books
  178. Organ Part for Alison Balsom/Colm Carey BWV 972 arrangement
  179. Tablets for music
  180. Petrouchka Trumpet Solo Practice Track
  181. How to get my foot in the Door for an Orchestra
  182. Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez
  183. No, really... wish me luck....
  184. Wish me luck
  185. Colburn Opening for fall 2014
  186. Michigan folk: playing opp.
  187. German Brass
  188. David Rose snd His Orchestra
  189. Favorite Hindemith Recordings?
  190. New composition "Atmospheres: for Trumpet and Orchestra"
  191. The Traditional Orchestral Sound
  192. Eddie Holmes???
  193. La Virgen De La Macarena: How do I practice this?
  194. Vincent Bach - as a composer!
  195. Mute question-Ravel
  196. Peskin Concerto Orchestral Arrangement???
  197. Tenor Clef Transposi
  198. Principal trumpet opening LSO
  199. Tine Thing Helseth Fanfare
  200. Audition piece
  201. what to play what to play?
  202. Les Mis UK 2010
  203. Shostakovitch Piano Concerto No. 1
  204. Solo literature for Eb cornet/trumpet and wind band
  205. Meredith Willson Symphony No.2
  206. What all should one have in the arsenal for professiona symphony
  207. Transposition Joys
  208. Mahler 5
  209. Concerto Competition Advice?
  210. Tripped up
  211. Playing by Ear Help Please
  212. Cascades tips
  213. New Literature!!!!
  214. audition materials and tips, i know another audition thread
  215. Dixieland Quintet - Free Sheet Music WHERE?
  216. Flugelhorn Choir (?)
  217. Phillip Sparke Cornet/Trumpet Concerto
  218. Albinoni Saint Marc History....
  219. First Orchestra Experience last night
  220. 1st Place UIL!!!
  221. Transcrbing practice
  222. Borealis Brass
  223. Marches and Arias, well marches anyway
  224. Dutch Marching Bands
  225. Gotta brag a little
  226. New Arrangements at Art of Sound Music
  227. trumpetensemblemusic.com “Just got a Face Lift”!
  228. Worst Instrument for Janacek Sinfonietta
  229. Anyone have pdf od Il Silenzio?
  230. Creative Practice
  231. Me; a clip of Prince ofDenmark's March
  232. If Baroque's your bag, baby...
  233. Dr. Joe Ardovino
  234. Practicing specifically!
  235. Brass Quintet Music
  236. Arutiunian Concerto - which edition to buy
  237. Markus Hoerhan
  238. Enescu (Enseco) Legende
  239. How do you use valve tuning slides?
  240. Appropriate Vibrato
  241. I could weep.....
  242. Audition Help
  243. What are your favorite brass ensembles?
  244. Brandon Ridenour Carnival of Venice Video
  245. Rare Cornet & Piano Sheet Music
  246. Playing With a Salvation Army Band
  247. Free Sheet Music- Addams Family Theme
  248. Make Believe Brass Quintet
  249. Favorite YouTube Videos
  250. Neapolitan Dance - Brass Quintet