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  1. WTS: Piccolo Pipes on sale!
  2. WTS: Bach Trumpet Tuning Sides on sale!
  3. WTS: Yamaha Trumpet Tuning Slides and Sets
  4. WTS: M/K Drawing - New Trumpet Inventory
  5. WTB: Couturier Cornet
  6. WTS: Yamaha YCR-2310 Cornet and Conn 84A Cornet
  7. WTS: Jupiter 846L Flugelhorn 2005
  8. WTS: King New Proportion and a Few Mpcs
  9. WTB: Looking for a Holton Model 58 Bass Trumpet for a special project
  10. WTS: Antique 1903 Conn Cornet, "The Conn-queror" For Sale
  11. WTS: F/S NEW Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32gb Unlocked...$800
  12. WTS: YAMAHA YTR-8340EM Eric Miyashiro
  13. WTB: Morrison Digital Trumpet, Steiner EVI, or AKAI EVI-1000
  14. WTS: WTT warburton trumpet ML 33T
  15. WTB: Calicchio trumpet
  16. WTS: Selmer Super Action Professional Tenor Series III Saxophone
  17. WTS: Yamaha xeno matte shot blast ytr 8335 rgm trumpet.
  18. WTS: Bach Stradivarius Artisan AC190
  19. WTS: Yamaha YTR 8335UGS trumpet
  20. WTS: Alexander Mainz circular mellophone (or alto horn) pitched in E flat
  21. WTS: Need to be educated on what I inherited
  22. WTS: Multiple trumpets, mouthpieces, mutes, cases
  23. WTS: Mercury Model Bach Stradivarius Trumpet
  24. WTS: MEHA B FLAT TRUMPET (made in France)
  25. WTS: Eclipse red brass Flugelhorn (~2005) Bauereind valves, scratch gold plate
  26. eBay: So . . . where are the rest of the trumpets?
  27. WTS: 5 horns for sale
  28. WTS: Schagerl, Bb Las Vegas Model, Scodwell Lead-Pipe.
  29. WTS: For Sell Edible and Biodiesel Oils
  30. WTS: Parduba New York Trumpet Mouthpiece
  31. WTS: Bob Reeves Trumpet Mouthpiece
  32. WTS: Bob Reeves Trumpet Mouthpiece
  33. WTS: Mint Bach Gold Plated Mouthpiece
  34. WTS: Selmer Piccola trumpet 70ies for sale
  35. WTS: Jerome Callet Jazz
  36. WTS: Early Elkhart Bach, Couesnon Flugel, Buescher 232 True Tone...
  37. WTS: Facebook 5000 sale thanks at ACB
  38. WTS: Antique Trumpet for Sale
  39. WTS: Twelve Progressive Studies for the Modern Trumpet
  40. WTS: Conn 38B conn 80A
  41. eBay: Stage One California Light For Sale
  42. WTS: Yamaha, Courtois, Kanstul, Sonare, Besson etc...
  43. WTS: Flugel, trumpets, Cornet
  44. WTS: Callet Sima 850 UK
  45. WTB: wanted a Greg Black 10 s
  46. WTS: Perfect Condition Getzen MV3001
  47. WTS: Perfect condition Yamaha Chicago b-flat
  48. WTB: Martin Handcraft Imperial Trumpet
  49. WTB: Wanted MT. Vernon Stradivarius Parts
  50. WTS: Current stuff for sale
  51. WTB: Conn 20a Flugelhorn 1963 - 1969
  52. WTS: what kind of trumpet do i have?
  53. WTS: Taylor Chicago 46 VR $2,300
  54. WTB: Seeking inexpensive horns from a reputable dealer
  55. WTS: SF Bay Area Stomvi Event
  56. WTB: Conn Vocabell bottom cap needed
  57. WTS: 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class GL450 4matic 4dr GCC SPEC
  58. WTS: 15% off lowest prices
  59. Black Friday Sale
  60. WTS: Conn, Olds, Getzen, Courtois, Benge, Kanstul, Monette
  61. eBay: COUESNON FLUGELHORN VINTAGE 1924 for sale
  62. WTS: Trumpets and Flugelhorns
  63. WTS: Clean out Sale!!!
  64. WTS: Eclipse Bb MR - gold plated
  65. WTS: Mellophone slides severely stuck!
  66. WTB: Case/bag for vintage alto horn
  67. WTB: Leadpipe and 3rd-valve slide trigger for Couesnon flugelhorn
  68. Yamaha YTR-6335
  69. WTS: Bach Strad 37 Trumpet
  70. WTB: 1942 Olds Super Aluminum bottom caps
  71. WTS: Mt Vernon Bach SN 222XX
  73. WTS: What Specs Are Trumpet Buyers wanting to know?
  74. WTS: Student models
  75. WTS: Lowest Prices of the Year on Phaeton Professional Trumpets and Flugelhorns
  76. WTS: Liberty Trumpet--vintage for sale
  77. WTS: $100.00 Mail-In Rebate from Stomvi USA
  78. WTB: Need for the needy! Blessing ML1 1st valve
  79. WTS: Holton T602 Student model trumpet
  80. WTS: Bach Strad Artisan AC190S C trumpet $2800
  81. WTS: Holton MF ST-302 trumpet, 1970's model, very good condition, $1200.00
  82. WTB: Any horns/project horns
  83. WTS: Used Trumpet Page
  85. WTS: TJR 6500 cornet for sale
  86. WTS: FOR SALE: Like New, Professional model Yamaha XENO 8335 Cornet $1,900
  87. WTS: King Golden Flair for sale
  88. eBay: Shure PMS 200 wireless monitor system.
  89. WTS: Jeninga Bb Tuning Bell Trumpet For Sale
  90. WTB: WANTED: 3rd valve for DEG Signature 2000 Cornet
  91. WTS: CLASSIC 1964 King Super 20 Symphony
  92. WTS: Accessory BUNDLE(Bach, Curry, Jo-Ral)
  93. WTS: Jupiter Tribune 1002s For sale cheap!
  94. WTS: Canadian Brass CB10 GL Reverse LP -- Very Nice
  95. WTB: Valve trombone
  96. WTB: Good cornet under 2000
  97. WTB: Flugelhorn
  98. WTB: Looking for a Bach 183 flugelhorn new or used
  99. WTS: Looking for a Bach 183 flugelhorn new or used
  100. WTS: 1933 Conn 22B Left handed Trumpet REALLY A LEFTY!!
  101. WTS: WTS: Custom Yamaha Silver Trumpet
  102. WTS: 1924 Frank Holton Trumpet
  103. Looking for a Committee 3rd valve tuning slide ring
  104. Stomvi Trumpet Rebate
  105. Anyone got a silent brass mute that they want to sell
  106. Stomvi Elite Trumpet for sale or trade.
  107. Looking for a Flugel
  108. Holy Hamhocks!!
  109. Wedge 5CG-27M Trumpet Mpc
  110. Conn 36B For Sale
  111. MM Orchestral Perf Grad selling ALL horns
  112. Wanted: MT Vernon 1 1/2c
  113. Kanstul 990 Mariachi Trumpet
  114. WTB Olds Super from 1960s excellent condition - will trade a 72* LB if needed
  115. Stomvi Master Cornet Bells
  116. Many mpcs for sale-
  118. Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt Cornet
  119. Help!! Couesnon valve cap needed
  120. FS: G & P Flora 1176 Trumpet - Hand made in Italy - $3,695
  121. Three mps WTS or WTT
  122. King Silver Flair Trumpet Case from the mid-60's
  123. For Sale: 1977 Bach 43 Lightweight
  124. Trade : Phaeton professional trumpet for nice Cornet
  125. Selling Super Olds Cornet by F E Olds & Sons LA CA Serial 52110 WORKS Vintage Trumpet
  126. Stomvi Elite Combi Piccolo for sale
  127. 1962 conn director shooting stars cornet 150.00
  128. WTB Besson 2-20 silver cornet bottom valve caps
  129. Wts king super 20
  130. Wts king super 20
  131. Stomvi raptor vii $2,500-
  132. WTS: Bach 1 1/4C with Wedge screw rim
  133. Blackburn C Trumpet Leadpipe for sale
  134. Owen Wedgewood and re- furbished Bach Strad Long Cornet
  135. Musical Bell Protector
  136. Danger*Cakes looking for FEMALE trumpeter in the Austin, Texas area.
  137. TAX TIME SALE - New Store Quality Brass
  138. BrassMusician.com business for sale
  139. Union Music in San Francisco
  140. 1950's King Super 20 Bb Trumpet with original case - great shape
  141. WTS 1938 Martin Handcraft Imperial Bb Trumpet
  142. WTB: Conn 22B Leadpipe
  143. Brass and percussion players wanted for a drum and bugle corps
  146. 1947 Blessing Super Artist now on Ebay
  147. Name Your Own HOLIDAY SPECIAL
  148. 1935 Conn Vocabell for sale!
  149. Olds Super
  150. Two great teachers who could use a hand
  151. Wanted: Used Instruments
  152. Marcinkiewicz trumpet for sale
  153. 1927 Vintage Conn 2-B trumpet
  154. 1985 Benge Flugelhorn
  155. King Silver Flair Bb Trumpet
  156. Teaching trumpet over webcam (moved by Rowuk)
  157. Wts reduced bach 43* bell
  158. Benge Silver Flugel
  159. Dad Played the Horn
  160. Harrelson Summit for Sale
  161. Yamaha Xeno ShotBlast Bb
  162. Bach TR200 all silver for sale
  163. Price Reduction Curry Mpc
  164. Besson Bb Cornet
  165. To Trade Monette BLW-S1
  166. Chicago Benge Trumpet Serial #1008
  167. Small trombone Mouthpieces?
  168. WTB NY Bach mouthpieces
  169. trumpets for sale
  170. Black Macbook
  171. Schilke B3
  172. WTS/WTT Reeves/Purviance rare
  173. WTS: Monette BL
  174. Uh what does it mean When your valves start to turn green?
  175. FOR SALE: 1966 Conn Connstellation short cornet 38A
  176. Yamaha Xeno 8335 ShotBlast Finish
  177. Holton MF Horn ST302
  178. NEW CD Dreaming of the Masters - Jens Lindemann
  179. Fe olds '71 flugel, case, amazing condition.
  180. WTS: Andreas Eastman Bb Trumpet
  181. 1949 Martin Committee For Sale
  182. Al Cass type Legends L-AC 3x3 & L-AC 3x4
  183. hi sir
  184. New Mouthpiece
  185. Bach
  186. olds ambassador 3rd tuning slide
  187. Jaeger-Diamond "B" stock
  188. Getzen cornet - Super Deluxe
  189. WTB: cornetto
  190. Looking a good affordable Flugelhorn
  191. Kanstul m6
  192. about old Besson Bb Cornet
  193. in need of case
  194. JBL LSR4328P Pak Studio Monitor..............$750usd
  195. Harrelson Bravura with Custom Engraving and Gold Plated
  196. WTB: Conn 22b for parts
  197. Schilke S32 for sale
  198. Yamaha 8335LA for Sale
  199. Mint Phaeton Bb Trumpet $1100 obo.
  200. what is a king 601 trumpet---no crown
  201. WTS Bach Strad 43 - Silver
  202. WTS 1940 Handcraft Committee Original Condition
  203. 1955 Martin Committee Cornet
  204. 1970 Reynolds Contempora for sale on eBay
  205. Bell for sale
  206. Anyone heard of an "AMERICAN TRUMPETEER" trumpet?
  207. F/S Apple iphone 4G 32GB, Apple iphone 4G 16GB,Nokia N8, Nokia N900,Dell Streak
  208. Sonare 900
  209. Jupiter Flugelhorn for sale
  210. martin handcrafted imperial- late 1930's
  211. WTB Wanted a GR 65s trumpet mouthpiece
  212. WTS King Silver Flair
  213. WTS vintage french besson trumpet
  214. Help----tilt bell Benge..... Ever seen one?
  215. WTS: Benge 3X (immaculate)