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  1. WTS: Kanstul French Besson Meha
  2. WTS: Yamaha Xeno YTR-8335RGS Silver Plated Pro Bb Trumpet Reverse Leadpipe
  3. WTB: Looking to trade for larger bore
  4. WTS: Restored 1965 Bach 37* Stradivarius
  5. WTB: (Wanted) 3rd valve slide (where to purchase)?
  6. WTB: Bach 72 bell only
  7. WTS: Sweet Carol Blackhawk pocket for sale
  8. WTB: OLds Super trumpet
  9. WTS: For sale - olds "ambassador restored by mike pawul
  10. WTS: Adams a9 Med bore
  11. WTS: WTT: Connstellation 38B '69
  12. WTS: Conn Baritone Bugle with F valve
  13. WTS: 1979 LA Benge 3X
  14. WTS: Eastlake king Silver Flair in almost new condition.
  15. WTS: WTS - Torpedo Loredo Trumpet Case - Chocolate Brown
  16. WTS: WTS - Yamaha YTR-8335LA Wayne Bergeron Model
  17. WTS: Brand new Carolbrass CTR-6280 Bb trumpet only in my living room for 2 days
  19. WTS: Eclipse LR Bb Trumpet... make me an offer
  20. WTS: Eclipse Enigma Medium Red Bb Trumpet.... make me an offer
  21. WTS: Excellent Getzen Capri 590
  22. WTS: Gold Plated Schilke B7L
  23. WTS: Kanstul Besson Marvin Stamm Horn
  24. WTS: Fullerton Olds Super
  25. WTS: 1962 Buescher 400
  26. WTS: Taylor Chicago Standard trumpet
  27. WTS: Benge 5X $675 OBO
  28. WTS: 1969ish Getzen Severinsen Eterna $850 OBO
  29. WTB: Kanstul 920/Schilke P5-4 Piccolo Trumpet
  30. WTS: NEW - Harrelson Summit Bb Trumpet, Polish Silverplate, LP4, B1
  31. eBay: Stage 1 Semi Light
  32. WTS: Heavily Customized Adams A4 Trumpet in gold Plate
  33. WTS: For Sale 1939 HN White Silvertone Liberty2 Trumpet
  34. WTS: Getzen Eterna 900s
  35. WTS: 1935 Buescher 235 Aristocrat custom built
  36. WTS: Carol Brass 5000L-YST
  37. WTS: HOLTON MF ST308 .459 Bore gold lacquer with nickel trim - BEAUTIFUL!
  38. WTS: Olds Ambassador completely gone thru by A and G music given a new lease on life
  39. WTS: Vintage Conn Bb Trumpet (1927/28?) - $750.00
  40. WTS: Carol Brass CTR 8060H GLS Bb trumpet
  41. eBay: 1934 Conn Vocalbell 40B
  42. WTS: WTS/WTT Holton T101G
  43. WTS: WTT: Post-war F. Besson
  44. WTS: Reynolds Contempora - Very Nice!
  45. WTS: 1978 Bach Stradivarius LT180S37* ML Silver Plated Bb Trumpet
  46. WTS: One Owner 1961 Conn Connstellation 38B
  47. WTS: Getzen Severinsen 1971 excellent condition
  48. WTS: Early Fullerton Olds Special, great shape
  49. WTS: One Owner 1961 Conn Connstellation 38B
  50. WTS: 1970 Elkhart Bach 37 w/ factory trigger
  51. WTS: Xeno 8335 RG Ready to Play
  52. WTS: Yamaha Shew 6310Z
  53. WTS: Yamaha Shew 6310Z
  54. WTS: Benge 65B Up For Trade or Sale
  55. WTB: WTB: Schilkes
  56. WTS: 1954 L.A. Olds Recording Bb Trumpet Original Lacquer Fast Valves
  57. WTS: Contimplating Selling My Custom Mint Coprion Collection
  58. WTS: For Sale - 1956 Olds Mendez
  59. WTB: Wanted Conn parts
  60. WTS: Sale or trade
  61. WTS: Sale or trade
  62. WTS: Schilke b5 l
  63. WTS: 1978 Bach 37 Excellent Shape
  64. WTS: Conn 112B and 112A for sale together.
  65. WTS: Buescher Super Aristocrat '61
  66. WTS: Vintage Schilke M 1 with PVA!
  67. WTS: 1974 Olds Super Ultrasonic (S12)
  68. WTS: One of a Kind
  69. WTS: Kanstul 1600 WB
  70. WTS: If you ever wanted a LA Olds Super...
  71. WTS: Schilke B5 Trumpet in silver plate
  72. WTS: 1928 Conn 2B "New World Symphony"
  73. WTS: Schilke x3
  74. WTS: Bach Stradivarius ML 37 Silver Plated Bb Trumpet Pre-strike
  75. WTS: GOLD PLATED Schilke S32L for sale Serial # 39325
  76. WTS: Special #3000 sale offer
  77. WTS: Kenny Balls cased Getzen Trumpet in UK Auction
  78. WTS: Callet NewYork
  79. WTS: Reynolds Medalist .468 bore trumpet in nice shape
  80. WTS: FS / FT Olds French Model
  81. WTS: Yamaha YTR 8335RG Silver Plated Trumpet
  82. WTS: Phaeton Matte Black Onyx Flugelhorn - Model PHTF 2600
  83. WTS: Luttke Viva Nuovo Trumpet -Key of Bb- RETAIL $2,895 - Bauerfeind valves
  84. WTS: ACB Blowout Horn Specials
  85. WTS: Used 8310Z Bobby Shew Model Yamaha trumpet
  86. WTS: Excellent Condition Schilke Handcraft Trumpet in lacquer
  87. WTS: '41 Olds Super. Immaculate original condition
  88. WTS: King Liberty
  89. WTB: BACH 65G or 65GH MLV
  90. WTS: Olds Super Star Trumpet!!
  91. WTS: Very lightly awesome used Adams #3 bore A9 Trumpet
  92. WTS: Custom Tilted Bell Brasspire
  93. WTS: 1937 Martin Handcraft Committee
  94. WTS: Eclipse "Enigma"
  95. WTS: 1966 Olds Ambassador
  96. WTS: WTS: 1970 Bach 37 Strad, original silver, amazing condition
  97. WTS: Getzen Bass Trumpet
  98. WTS: 1974 Bach Strad 180S37
  99. WTS: A Friend's Olds Super
  100. WTB: Small handful of horns.
  101. WTS: WTS: Carol Brass 5000 YLS trumpet in like new condition
  102. WTB: Looking to buy Lawler Trumpet
  103. WTS: Conn 8A cornet
  104. WTS: 1947 holton "48 revelation"
  105. WTS: Conn 10B with Coprion Bell
  106. WTS: Schilke B5
  107. WTS: WTS - Yamaha 8335-LA (Hand selected by Wayne Bergeron - Aligned by Ron Partch)
  108. WTS: Getzen Genesis 3003 Custom Bb in silver
  109. WTS: 1966 Conn Late Model 6B trumpet in very nice original condition.
  110. WTS: Stomvi Elite Bb Trumpet
  111. WTS: 1969 MINT Schilke B3
  112. WTB: LA Old's Recording trumpet
  113. WTS: 1963 Conn Connstellation Time capsule!
  114. WTS: Classic Benges for sale!
  115. WTS: 1961 Bach Mecury Mount Vernon, FOR TRADE!
  116. WTS: WTS: Pre strike Bach 43*, near mint condition
  117. WTB: WTB or trade for Yamaha Mike Vax and/or 6310B
  118. WTS: Getzen Proteus 907s
  119. WTS: Edwards Generation II Trumpet in Bb
  120. WTS: Edwards Generation X Trumpet in Bb
  121. WTS: HA Selmer early Bundy
  122. WTS: Olds superstar ultrasonic $525
  123. WTS: J. Scherzer Bb Rotary Trumpet
  124. WTS: Kanstul 1500
  125. WTS: Pocket trumpet
  126. WTS: Calicchio
  127. WTB: Valve bottom for 1949 Olds Ambassador
  128. WTS: Besson International Bb Trumpet by Kanstul
  129. WTS: Many Vintage Trumpets and Cornets
  130. WTB: Beat up old horns
  131. WTS: Mt Vernon Bach Mercedes and King Super Symphonyt
  132. WTS: conn connstellation 38b 750$
  133. WTS: WTS Kanstul 1600 WB, Conn Vintage One
  134. WTS: Bach Strad 72*
  135. WTS: Claude Gordon Selmer #1000
  136. WTS: Denicola Bb Trumpet
  137. WTS: Blessing BTR-1580G, Silverplate w/Gold Trim, Blessing's Top of the Line Pro Bb Trumpe
  138. WTS: Yamaha Xeno YTR-8335RGS Pro Bb Trumpet
  139. WTS: 1946 Martin Committee
  140. WTS: Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet, Model 37, Silverplate, Gold Trim
  141. WTS: 1946 Refurbished Martin Committee by Tom Green
  142. WTS: WTS: Shires Destino III
  143. WTS: 61 Selmer K modified 24BX in amazing condition. silver finish.
  144. eBay: wts jager diamond Bb trumpet
  145. WTS: 1954 Olds Super with original case from original owner. super clean original cond.
  146. WTS: Kanstul 1500 Bb Trumpet, Copper Bell - Clear Lacquer, ML Bore
  147. WTB: Holton ST302
  148. WTS: 1947 Conn 12-B Coprion
  149. eBay: NY Bach ending soon on Ebay!
  150. WTS: Kanstul 700
  151. WTS: Powell-Sonare TRB-801
  152. WTS: Harrelson bravura
  153. WTS: Schilke B5L
  154. WTS: C G Selmer with PVA for sale!
  155. WTB: Blessing Super Artist Trumpet
  156. WTS: King Super 20 Symphony SilverSonic.
  157. WTS: Stomvi trumpets in Webster NY
  158. WTS: Baumann Rotary Valve Trumpet
  159. WTS: King Liberty in Exceptional Condition
  160. WTS: Monette B993 gold plated Bb Trumpet For sale! <Photos updated>
  161. WTS: 1954-55 Olds Special - $525
  163. WTS: Trade silver Bach Strad 37 for lacquer version
  164. WTS: 1946 Martin Committee Trumpet
  165. WTS: Monette B993 gold plated Bb Trumpet For sale!
  166. WTS: Monette P3 Bb
  167. WTS: Bach Strad ML 37 Excellent Condition
  168. WTB: Conn 40B Vocabell TRUMPET, SILVER, with good valves
  169. WTS: Yamaha Xeno B-flat
  170. WTS: 1961 Selmer K modified 24BX trumpet silverplate no dings or dents unreal condition
  171. WTS: 1950 l.a. Olds ambassador
  172. WTS: For Sale: 1950 L.A. OLDS AMBASSADOR
  173. WTS: Selmer Paris Vintage Model 24B Pro Trumpet - $1200 (in Montana)
  174. WTB: WTB King 2007
  175. WTS: '65 Getzen Severinsen ML
  176. WTS: 1968 Conn 60B
  177. WTS: Yamaha 738: Schilke X3 Clone, in Immaculate Condition
  178. WTS: WTS - Silver 1979 LA Benge 3 ML
  179. WTS: Getzen Trumpet
  180. WTS: Stage 1 Prototype Semi Light Bb
  181. WTS: Blessing 1580G
  182. WTS: 1956 Olds Recording Bb Trumpet For Sale
  183. WTS: Last time up for sale. 67 Olds Special Customed with a Conn Vintage One Bell 24 Hrs
  184. WTS: yamaha 8345g Brand new
  185. WTS: Holton MF Horn ST302 Silver
  186. WTB: Selmer B700
  188. eBay: Does anyone know who Buddy Boxhouse was? His trumpet is for sale?
  189. WTS: FS/T Lawler C7
  190. WTS: Callet Jazz
  191. WTS: Multiple Items, Ex- Music Major Sale!
  192. WTS: Calicchio 3/9M great jazz horn , trade
  193. WTS: WTT - Bach TR300 for Monette MOUTHPIECE
  194. WTS: 1979 King Silver Flair
  195. WTB: Looking for a student trumpet - Olds? Conn?
  196. WTS: Monette B Flat Piccolo Trumpet $3890
  197. WTS: Bach Stradivarius 37, Custom Finish
  198. WTB: Looking for Martin Handcraft Symphony
  199. WTB: Looking for a Schilke X3
  200. WTB: Looking for Intermediate or Pro Trumpet
  201. WTS: Bach 37, true early Elkhart, like new valves.
  202. WTS: Schagerl Hoersdorf 2013 Rotary Bb
  203. WTS: 1952 Blessing Super Artist Trumpet
  204. WTS: Rudy Muck 7M appears to be a copy of a Leblanc Paris balanced
  205. WTS: QUICKSALE Kanstul 1537 Custom
  206. WTS: Getzen 300 Series
  207. WTS: Jerome Callet New York Trumpet
  208. WTS: Bach Stradavarius 180ml 37 silver
  209. WTS: Kanstul 1500 copper bell with yellow lacquer and nickel- tri color beauty!
  210. WTS: Schilke B1 trumpet silver plate .460 with case nice condition
  211. WTS: Newer model Selmer Concept TT very nice
  212. WTS: Calicchio Superior from 1949 built by Domenic Calicchio refurbed by Andy Taylor
  213. WTS: yamaha 8335g Brand new
  214. WTS: Jaeger Diamond trumpet in like new condition with case
  215. WTS: Lawler 21B STS gold with two bells. Comes in Bach double case. Great condition!
  216. WTB: Schilke B6 fixed bell. Man I want one. paypal Doesn't have to be pretty
  217. WTS: Just a heads up about some trumpets that will be going up for sale.
  218. WTS: 1959 Martin Committee Deluxe, excellent condition, with original case and lyre
  219. WTS: FS: Olds Trilogy for Christmas!!
  220. eBay: Ambassador Still $750.00 -- Tuning Slide Replaced
  221. WTS: 1953 Olds AMBASSADOR Trumpet -- Plays well, valves fast, warm tone but needs repairs.
  222. WTB: Solid student horns and others, even if damaged, wanted for purchase or donation
  223. WTS: Kanstul 1504 copper belled trumpet for sale
  224. WTS: All the early holiday sales are up online at ACB!
  225. WTS: Custom carol ctr 1110 RSM
  226. WTB: Connstellation or Victor-here's the catch....
  227. WTS: Pocket Max Trumpet
  228. WTS: Adams A9 Committee Trumpet
  229. WTS: Yamaha (Japan) YTR 2320 Bb trumpet
  230. WTS: 1948 Holton Model 48 Bb trumpet - "poor man's Martin Committee"
  231. WTS: Early Black Friday Sales at ACB
  232. WTS: Selmer Grands Prix Bb Trumpet
  233. WTS: King Silver Flair 1055T Pro Bb Trumpet Pre-UMI
  234. WTS: Bach 43 XL bore
  235. WTB: WTT: WTG a Martin T3465 and have a Benge 5X and a Blessing 1580G
  236. WTS: For Sale - New - carol brass cpt-3000-gls-bb-l (uk)
  237. eBay: Superb Schilke s32 L Gold plated with extra Copper bell!
  238. WTS: Eterna by Getzen Severinsen Model w/1st Valve Slide Trigger
  239. WTB: WTT: Kanstul 700S or Blessing 1580G for a vintage Silver Flair
  240. eBay: 1965 Conn Connstellation 38B in excellent condition
  241. WTS: Blessing 1580G
  242. WTS: WTS: Kanstul 700S silver matte finish
  243. eBay: 1939 Martin Handcraft Imperial Trumpet with Anderson Rebuilt valves... superb
  244. WTS: Eclipse Bb trumpet - polished gold
  245. WTS: Like New Bach Mariachi LR 43B
  246. WTS: WTS: The Turtle's OLDS RECORDING.
  247. WTB: WTB cheap good practice horn
  248. WTS: Eclipse MR Trumpet
  249. WTS: Jupiter XO 1602R-S Bb Trumpet, Silverplate, Pro-horn
  250. WTS: WTS: Yamaha Xeno YTR-8335s Pro Bb Trumpet