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  1. WTS: Monette B2S3 MINT Condition
  2. WTS: Legends Brass Jet-Tone inspired models
  3. WTB: Looking for a Heim
  4. WTS: Mouthpieces FS: Monette Prana, Bach Artisan
  5. WTS: GR G66***,G66 'C' Mouthpiece, GR 64P-M w/43 Adapter
  6. WTB: Jet Tone 2B or 4B
  7. WTB: HN White No. 34 or 42 mouthpiece
  8. WTS: Vintage Jet-tone Custom Model MF3
  9. WTB: WTB French/Couesnon Taper Flugel Moutpieces
  10. WTS: Warburton, Laskey, Schilke, Bach, Curry
  11. WTS: Bob reeves collection + gr, monette, schilke; bach,....
  12. WTB: Wanted Gr Carl Fischer Z or Fischlips model piece
  13. WTS: MF HG: New at Legends Brass
  14. WTS: Monette Classic STC-1 B2G S3 and B2FL
  15. WTS: Wedge Pierobon Lead
  16. WTB: Gr 3s
  17. WTB: Schilke 12A4
  18. WTS: Curry Flugel mpcs
  19. WTS: Lots of orchestral mouthpieces for sale!!!
  20. WTS: WTS - 5 WARBURTON TOPS/1 BACKBORE - mint condition - $310
  21. WTB: Schilke Mouthpieces v Bach
  22. WTS: ACB HTF (Heim Cup) Bb Trumpet Mouthpiece
  23. WTS: Wedge 3FLXC (Flugelhorn)
  24. WTS: Stock Custom 3C Vacchiano trumpet mouthpiece
  25. WTB: Curry Cornet Olds Shank Mouthpiece
  26. WTS: Legends JT ST
  27. WTS: Bach 10B trumpet mouthpiece
  28. WTS: Stock Custom 4B+ trumpet mouthpiece
  29. WTS: Horn Trader HT 3CS 28
  30. WTS: Marcinkiewicz Proline Concert Hall E3/3C trumpet mouthpiece
  31. WTS: Mouthpieces gr, bob reeves, breslmair, warburton, yamaha, bach,....
  32. WTB: Bob reeves flugelhorn mouthpieces
  33. WTS: Bach 7E Cornet Mouthpiece
  34. WTS: Parke Merkelo 640-275-24
  35. WTS: Legends brass holiday sale
  36. WTS: Patrick CR5Z Trumpet Mouthpiece
  37. WTS: Small diameter pieces. MF style and others.
  38. WTB: Monette Cornet Mouthpieces
  39. WTS: Curry / Flip Oakes mouthpieces for trumpet and flugelhorn, all in 1.25 size
  40. WTS: Olds Mendez #2 Trumpet mouthpiece
  41. WTS: Markinkiewicz *2/7B Cornet mouthpiece
  42. WTS: Holton 6C Cornet mouthpiece
  43. WTS: Curry 5BBC Cornet mouthpiece
  44. WTS: JETTONE Custom Model 2B - Ratzenberger Original Trumpet
  45. WTS: Curry 5TF Trumpet
  46. WTS: Mouthpiece components for sale including Parke, Bach, and Frost Custom Brass
  47. WTS: Tempest Trumpets
  48. WTB: curry cornet for vintage conn
  49. WTS: ACB Store Demo Specials
  50. WTB: Warburton 4-5 tops and 7-9 stems
  51. WTS: LEGENDS BRASS trumpet mouthpieces
  52. WTB: Curry 00FL/FLD (french taper)
  53. WTS: Monette BL2S3xlt
  54. WTB: Olds large shank 12 cornet mouthpiece
  55. WTS: WTT: Monette B6 for BLM, BLMR, B7F, B5, BLW S1, B4SS2
  56. WTB: Monette B4S S2, BLW S1, B3F S7
  57. WTS: Legends Brass NEW Mobile website
  58. WTS: Gr 67 s-b
  59. WTS: Reeves Mouthpieces
  60. WTS: Various Mouthpieces
  61. WTB: Parke Henly Trumpet Mouthpiece
  62. WTS: Monette Prana B2S3
  63. WTS: Warburton Dealer
  64. WTB: Bach 3F
  65. WTS: Wedge 7EC Top
  66. WTB: Buescher DuoCup 88D mouthpiece
  67. WTB: WTT Warburton Wedge 1.25C
  68. WTB: WTB Warburton 8MV
  69. WTS: Jettone and others!
  70. WTS: GR 62M-MS #1bb
  71. WTS: Small diameter lead and jazz mouthpieces
  72. WTB: Olds 2 trumpet mouthpiece
  73. WTS: WTS Monette C3
  74. WTB: WTB: GR Groovin High or Pickett MF Calicchio Copy
  75. WTS: Roger Ingram V-cup mouthpiece
  76. WTS: Bach 5B & 5C Trumpet Mouthpieces
  77. WTB: Monette MFIII
  78. WTS: Stomvi MF Groovin High mouthpiece
  79. WTB: WTB mouthpiece case
  80. WTS: Monette B6LD - STC-2
  81. WTS: GR, Curry, and Schilke
  82. WTS: trumpet and flugelhorn mouthpieces
  83. WTB: Olds 2 trumpet mouthpiece
  84. WTS: For Sale - Brand New Bach Trumpet & Cornet Mouthpieces Various sizes
  85. WTB: WTB: Giardinelli 5S
  86. WTS: Monette STC-3 mouthpieces
  87. WTS: Groovin High MF mouthpiece top w 21 throat
  88. WTB: Benge/Conn/UMI 5 1/2 SC mouthpiece
  89. WTS: Lead and small diameter pieces and mouthpiece weight boosters
  90. WTS: Bach 10B trumpet mouthpiece
  91. WTS: Bach 3CW trumpet mouthpiece
  92. WTS: Curry Cornet 3DC
  93. WTS: Callet Superchops 8
  94. WTS: Stock Vacc 3C
  95. WTS: WTS - ACB TA 2 trumpet mouthpiece
  96. WTS: Stomvi Flex Mouthpieces on Sale
  97. WTS: Various mouthpieces; all prices negotiable
  98. WTS: Wedge mouthpiece $75
  99. WTB: WTB: Bob Reeves Screw Rim
  100. WTS: Monette/Najoom/Kanstul/Reeves
  101. WTB: Octagonal mouthpiece for vintage fluted bel trumpet
  102. WTS: Brand New GR 66SZ
  103. WTS: Monette Prana JB 81
  104. WTS: Monette Prana MFIII 84
  105. WTS: Monette Prana B3FS7 82
  106. WTS: NEW Denis Wick 4x GOLD HEAVYTOP
  107. WTS: Monette Prana B8 81 with 19 throat
  108. WTB: Schilke 14A4A
  109. WTS: Denis Wick Heritage Cornet MP
  110. WTB: Bach Artisan 1.5 C or 3C
  111. WTB: GR 65MX or 65M2
  112. WTS: The Great ACB Mouthpiece demo sale!
  113. WTB: GR 3HX Mouthpiece
  114. WTB: Looking for a Greg Black 10s
  115. WTB: Monette BL6 Prana
  116. eBay: Used Warburton Equipment for sale great condition
  117. WTB: Giddings & Webster Dave Hickman shallow trumpet mouthpiece
  118. WTS: Cornet Mpcs
  119. WTS: Huge Bach Mouthpiece Sale
  120. WTB: WTB: Bach 3CW
  121. WTS: Gr 66s
  122. WTS: Fs: Gr 66sz
  123. WTS: Various Vintage Cornet Mouthpieces
  124. WTB: Want to buy Warburton 6ES mpc top and/or Warburton B1 backbore.
  125. WTB: Bach 7EW cornet mouthpiece
  126. WTS: WTS: Marcinkiewicz Proline Concert Hall E3/3C trumpet mouthpiece
  127. WTS: WTS: Bach 3B trumpet mouthpiece
  128. WTS: Greg Black 10 s
  129. WTS: Gold Heim 1
  130. WTB: Gr 64
  131. WTS: Bob Reeves and others
  132. WTB: Cornet MP
  133. WTS: Various Mouthpieces (Reduced!)
  134. WTB: Monette Prana MF III
  135. WTS: Giddings & Webster 1.25 D 1.49
  136. WTB: Monette Prana B6
  137. WTB: Ratzenberger era Jet-Tone DS C
  138. eBay: Zeus Aegis LC Silver
  139. WTS: Lead Pieces For Trade
  140. WTS: GR Bergeron Classic
  141. WTB: Jet Tone SS
  142. WTS: Bach Megatone, Giardinelli, CKB, Carolbrass Mouthpieces (Trumpet & Flugel)
  143. WTB: older bach trumpet mouthpiece
  144. WTS: WTS: Lot's of Mouthpieses for sale or Trade - Updated list
  145. WTS: Curry 00TC
  146. WTS: /WTT: Curry 80S
  147. WTS: Various Trumpet/Cornet Mouthpieces
  148. WTB: Short shank cornet mouthpiece with taper to fit Conn 40a Vocabell receiver
  149. WTS: Very small diameter mouthpieces
  150. WTS: Lot's of Mouthpieses for sale or Trade
  151. WTS: 1960's Schilke Screw rim Mouthpiece Set
  152. WTS: Hammond 4mlx to sell or trade
  153. WTS: Some pieces
  154. WTS: Hammond 6s to trade for 6mv or 6mb also 7mv or 7mb
  155. WTS: F.S. Trumpet Mouthpieces
  156. WTS: Hammond 6s piece to trade
  157. WTB: WTT for Curry 50M
  158. WTB: Monette B6LD S1 or B6L S1
  159. WTB: Monette B6 AJNA SHANK
  160. WTS: Mouthpiece lot
  161. WTB: Looking for an old Jettone T2C
  162. WTS: Vince DiMartino Signature Jazz Mouthpiece
  163. WTS: WTT Wedge
  164. eBay: Zeus Aegis Mouthpiece LA Silver and LB Bold
  165. WTB: Curry 00BC or .590 and smaller
  166. WTS: Callet Superchops 4 and a Laskey 50S for sale
  167. WTS: Warburtons FS
  168. WTS: Schilke Mouthpieces For Sale
  169. WTS: Fifteen Mouthpieces, REASONABLE!
  170. WTS: Augie Haus mouthpiece
  171. WTB: Want to trade Bobby Shew 1.5 for 1
  172. WTS: Monette mcps for sale! (for both Monette Prana horns and standard trumpets)
  173. WTB: B2S3, B2.5 or B3S3
  174. WTB: Looking for a Curry 3BBC Cornet Mouthpiece
  175. WTS: Lots of Mouthpieces
  176. WTS: In Search of a Giardinelli 7VS and 7VM Trumpet MPC. and a Giardinelli 7FL Flugel MPC.
  177. WTS: Monette b7f-fl
  178. WTS: Herrick, Maggio, Cass
  179. WTS: Bach 3C Unopened $30.00
  180. WTB: Zottola 62C trumpet mouthpiece
  181. WTS: Thinning the last of the herd...
  182. WTS: WTS various mouthpieces
  183. WTB: Hammond 5ml
  184. WTS: Legends Brass : Visit our updated Ebay Store!
  185. WTS: Monette Prana B2S3
  186. WTB: Custom GR 64 pieces
  187. WTB: GR 64 Cornet pieces
  188. WTS: Gr 64z*
  189. WTS: Curry 8.5*
  190. WTS: Warburton cut for sleeves backbores
  191. WTS: Warburton 6 gold plated tops
  192. WTB: Any Purviances out there?
  193. WTB: i'd like to trade for a BACH 3C gold plated mouthpiece. or possibly a regular3C
  194. WTS: ACB Scratch and Dent Sale
  195. WTB: Bach 3C
  196. WTB: 7EW Bach cornet moutpiece
  197. WTS: Legends NEW SIGNATURE Series Arturo Sandoval .642 inside diameter
  198. WTB: UMI/Conn/King/Benge 5½SC trumpet mouthpiece & 7BR cornet mouthpiece
  199. WTB: Conn/King/Benge 7BR cornet mouthpiece
  200. WTS: Schilke, Kelly TurboBlow, Jupiter Mouthpiece
  201. WTS: Monette B6
  202. WTS: Monette Prana B6 S1
  203. WTS: El Gato Trent Austin Cat Anderson copy
  204. WTB: Giardinelli 7F Flugelhorn Mouthpiece
  205. WTB: Monette C6 Mouthpiece
  206. WTB: Selmer Special Mouthpiece - any
  207. WTS: Replate mouthpiece special $25 at Sculptured Recrafting
  208. WTS: WTS/WTT monette mouthpiece
  209. WTB: Monette B4LD
  210. WTB: Giddings & Webster 3M Stainless Steel mouthpiece
  211. WTS: Greg Black trumpet mouthpiece and others....
  212. WTS: Mouthpieces - Patrick/Loud, ACB, Marcinkiewicz, and more!
  213. eBay: Stage 1 Commercial/Lead piece
  214. WTS: Bach Large Mouthpieces
  215. WTS: Monette Prana B2S3
  216. WTB: Dennis Wick 4b
  217. Carol Brass MP
  218. WTB: GR 66S-Z, GR 66Z* or GR 66Z** mouthpieces
  219. WTS: Stomvi Flex GHM VR M4
  220. WTB: WTB Corp. 2C
  221. WTS: Rare 1940's J. Parduba 7 in stunning gold plate!
  222. WTS: WTT Monette Prana B6 S1 Mouthpiece
  223. WTS: Schilke Faddis
  224. WTB: To trade for Purviance piece
  225. WTB: WTB: Curry 8.5 trumpet mouthpiece
  226. WTB: GR 67s
  227. eBay: Legends JT DS .656 New Piece
  228. WTS: Cheap safari sale
  229. eBay: Legends JT AH .600 NEW design
  230. WTS: Legends Brass newest release: Legends JT BC at .625
  231. eBay: Legends FUNKIN SCREAMIN .590
  232. eBay: Legends JT MF2 our NEWEST release at .625 Inside Diameter
  233. WTB: WTB: Monette B2M S3 PRANA
  234. WTS: GR Bergeron flugel mouthpiece
  235. WTS: Yamaha 11C4-7C Trumpet Mouthpiece
  236. WTS: Pickett Brass Cup and Backbore
  237. WTS: Legends Brass : LegendsBrass.com
  238. WTB: Bach MT Vernon 3c
  239. WTS: WTT/WTS ACB TA Screech
  240. WTS: To Trade Gr Gozzo piece for Gr Liesl Whitiker piece
  241. WTS: Marcinkiewicz E13 Chuck Findley
  242. WTS: Assorted Mouthpieces ( make an offer)
  243. WTB: WTB warburton 7s, 7es usa/oviedo
  244. WTB: Marcinkiewicz E12.4 (Ingram), gold preferred
  245. WTS: Mount Vernon Bach 1 1/2 c
  246. WTS: Al Cass 2-2 Trumpet Mouthpiece
  247. WTS: Monette B3 Anja
  248. WTS: Some mouthpieces...
  249. WTS: Some mouthpieces!
  250. WTS: Giddings & Webster 144 3S (GW 144 3S)