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  1. WTB: Ratzenberger era Jet-Tone DS C
  2. eBay: Zeus Aegis LC Silver
  3. WTS: Lead Pieces For Trade
  4. WTS: GR Bergeron Classic
  5. WTB: Jet Tone SS
  6. WTS: Bach Megatone, Giardinelli, CKB, Carolbrass Mouthpieces (Trumpet & Flugel)
  7. WTB: older bach trumpet mouthpiece
  8. WTS: WTS: Lot's of Mouthpieses for sale or Trade - Updated list
  9. WTS: Curry 00TC
  10. WTS: /WTT: Curry 80S
  11. WTS: Various Trumpet/Cornet Mouthpieces
  12. WTB: Short shank cornet mouthpiece with taper to fit Conn 40a Vocabell receiver
  13. WTS: Very small diameter mouthpieces
  14. WTS: Lot's of Mouthpieses for sale or Trade
  15. WTS: 1960's Schilke Screw rim Mouthpiece Set
  16. WTS: Hammond 4mlx to sell or trade
  17. WTS: Some pieces
  18. WTS: Hammond 6s to trade for 6mv or 6mb also 7mv or 7mb
  19. WTS: F.S. Trumpet Mouthpieces
  20. WTS: Hammond 6s piece to trade
  21. WTB: WTT for Curry 50M
  22. WTB: Monette B6LD S1 or B6L S1
  23. WTB: Monette B6 AJNA SHANK
  24. WTS: Mouthpiece lot
  25. WTB: Looking for an old Jettone T2C
  26. WTS: Vince DiMartino Signature Jazz Mouthpiece
  27. WTS: WTT Wedge
  28. eBay: Zeus Aegis Mouthpiece LA Silver and LB Bold
  29. WTB: Curry 00BC or .590 and smaller
  30. WTS: Callet Superchops 4 and a Laskey 50S for sale
  31. WTS: Warburtons FS
  32. WTS: Schilke Mouthpieces For Sale
  33. WTS: Fifteen Mouthpieces, REASONABLE!
  34. WTS: Augie Haus mouthpiece
  35. WTB: Want to trade Bobby Shew 1.5 for 1
  36. WTS: Monette mcps for sale! (for both Monette Prana horns and standard trumpets)
  37. WTB: B2S3, B2.5 or B3S3
  38. WTB: Looking for a Curry 3BBC Cornet Mouthpiece
  39. WTS: Lots of Mouthpieces
  40. WTS: In Search of a Giardinelli 7VS and 7VM Trumpet MPC. and a Giardinelli 7FL Flugel MPC.
  41. WTS: Monette b7f-fl
  42. WTS: Herrick, Maggio, Cass
  43. WTS: Bach 3C Unopened $30.00
  44. WTB: Zottola 62C trumpet mouthpiece
  45. WTS: Thinning the last of the herd...
  46. WTS: WTS various mouthpieces
  47. WTB: Hammond 5ml
  48. WTS: Legends Brass : Visit our updated Ebay Store!
  49. WTS: Monette Prana B2S3
  50. WTB: Custom GR 64 pieces
  51. WTB: GR 64 Cornet pieces
  52. WTS: Gr 64z*
  53. WTS: Curry 8.5*
  54. WTS: Warburton cut for sleeves backbores
  55. WTS: Warburton 6 gold plated tops
  56. WTB: Any Purviances out there?
  57. WTB: i'd like to trade for a BACH 3C gold plated mouthpiece. or possibly a regular3C
  58. WTS: ACB Scratch and Dent Sale
  59. WTB: Bach 3C
  60. WTB: 7EW Bach cornet moutpiece
  61. WTS: Legends NEW SIGNATURE Series Arturo Sandoval .642 inside diameter
  62. WTB: UMI/Conn/King/Benge 5½SC trumpet mouthpiece & 7BR cornet mouthpiece
  63. WTB: Conn/King/Benge 7BR cornet mouthpiece
  64. WTS: Schilke, Kelly TurboBlow, Jupiter Mouthpiece
  65. WTS: Monette B6
  66. WTS: Monette Prana B6 S1
  67. WTS: El Gato Trent Austin Cat Anderson copy
  68. WTB: Giardinelli 7F Flugelhorn Mouthpiece
  69. WTB: Monette C6 Mouthpiece
  70. WTB: Selmer Special Mouthpiece - any
  71. WTS: Replate mouthpiece special $25 at Sculptured Recrafting
  72. WTS: WTS/WTT monette mouthpiece
  73. WTB: Monette B4LD
  74. WTB: Giddings & Webster 3M Stainless Steel mouthpiece
  75. WTS: Greg Black trumpet mouthpiece and others....
  76. WTS: Mouthpieces - Patrick/Loud, ACB, Marcinkiewicz, and more!
  77. eBay: Stage 1 Commercial/Lead piece
  78. WTS: Bach Large Mouthpieces
  79. WTS: Monette Prana B2S3
  80. WTB: Dennis Wick 4b
  81. Carol Brass MP
  82. WTB: GR 66S-Z, GR 66Z* or GR 66Z** mouthpieces
  83. WTS: Stomvi Flex GHM VR M4
  84. WTB: WTB Corp. 2C
  85. WTS: Rare 1940's J. Parduba 7 in stunning gold plate!
  86. WTS: WTT Monette Prana B6 S1 Mouthpiece
  87. WTS: Schilke Faddis
  88. WTB: To trade for Purviance piece
  89. WTB: WTB: Curry 8.5 trumpet mouthpiece
  90. WTB: GR 67s
  91. eBay: Legends JT DS .656 New Piece
  92. WTS: Cheap safari sale
  93. eBay: Legends JT AH .600 NEW design
  94. WTS: Legends Brass newest release: Legends JT BC at .625
  95. eBay: Legends FUNKIN SCREAMIN .590
  96. eBay: Legends JT MF2 our NEWEST release at .625 Inside Diameter
  97. WTB: WTB: Monette B2M S3 PRANA
  98. WTS: GR Bergeron flugel mouthpiece
  99. WTS: Yamaha 11C4-7C Trumpet Mouthpiece
  100. WTS: Pickett Brass Cup and Backbore
  101. WTS: Legends Brass : LegendsBrass.com
  102. WTB: Bach MT Vernon 3c
  103. WTS: WTT/WTS ACB TA Screech
  104. WTS: To Trade Gr Gozzo piece for Gr Liesl Whitiker piece
  105. WTS: Marcinkiewicz E13 Chuck Findley
  106. WTS: Assorted Mouthpieces ( make an offer)
  107. WTB: WTB warburton 7s, 7es usa/oviedo
  108. WTB: Marcinkiewicz E12.4 (Ingram), gold preferred
  109. WTS: Mount Vernon Bach 1 1/2 c
  110. WTS: Al Cass 2-2 Trumpet Mouthpiece
  111. WTS: Monette B3 Anja
  112. WTS: Some mouthpieces...
  113. WTS: Some mouthpieces!
  114. WTS: Giddings & Webster 144 3S (GW 144 3S)
  115. WTS: Various Bach, ACB, Curry, Wick, Wedge, Schilke, Yamaha, Jet-Tone
  116. WTB: monette B8 , B2s3 Wedge 1C (or large anyway) , and bach 7b
  117. WTS: GR/Northern Brass GP***
  118. WTS: To Trade? Gr Gozzo Piece for Gr Carl Fischer Z piece
  119. WTB: bach 5b, 5mv , 7b , 10c , bach m.vernon 3c, bach ny 6c (gold plated)
  120. WTS: Curry 30 TF
  121. WTS: Al Cass 1 -28
  122. WTB: WTB: monette b2s3 standard
  123. WTB: WTB: Monette B4L S1 in LT weight
  124. WTS: Monette Prana BL4S6 Patrick Hession BL4S6 Trumpet Mouthpiece in Gold
  125. WTS: Monette Prana Maynard Ferguson MFIII Trumpet Mouthpiece in Gold
  126. WTS: NEW Look Legends Brass Ebay Store & Website
  127. WTB: Monette B3FS7
  128. WTB: GR 64 FL*** I have a 65 FL to trade if interested
  129. WTB: Monette B4LD S1 in LT weight
  130. WTS: Mt Vernon 5c Mouthpiece
  131. WTB: Wtb greg black 7s trumpet mouthpiece
  132. WTS: vintage Bach New York 18C
  133. WTS: Mt Vernon 5c
  134. WTB: Mouthpiece Rim of Maynard Ferguson mouthpiece
  135. WTB: Warburton Tops:
  136. Fake Monette mouthpiece?
  137. WTB: Monette B4L S1, B5L S1, or preferable B6 S1
  138. WTS: Mouthpieces a Plenty
  139. WTB: MF mouthpieces
  140. WTB: Giardinelli screw rim 3C/M
  141. WTS: mouthpiece lot
  142. WTB: Stomvi LynnFlex
  143. WTS: Bach NEW YORK 18C
  144. WTS: Schilke 13A4a Heavyweight.
  145. WTS: Monette Prana B6-S1 in an STC-1 blank
  146. WTS: Rare Denis Wick "SL" Cornet Mouthpiece in Goldplate.
  147. WTS: WTT: Monette B4
  148. WTS: WTT Monette Prana LT B8 84 19
  149. WTS: Monette B6 Trumpet mpc Classic
  150. WTS: Various mouthpieces
  151. WTS: Pickett Brass 1.25C/#0 (Largest Backbore) Trumpet Mpc
  152. WTB: Monette MF III, B6LD S1, B4LD S1
  153. WTS: Want to trade.
  154. eBay: WTT Monette Prana B6 S1
  155. WTB: Al Cass 1 - 27
  156. WTS: Various Cups/Backbores
  157. WTS: Yamaha 11F4 Flugel MP
  158. WTS: Bach 7E Trumpet Mouthpiece
  159. WTS: Parke Trumpet Mouthpiece
  160. WTS: John Hagstrom Signature
  161. WTB: WTB: Period Early 20th Century Alto Horn Mouthpieces
  162. WTS: My 'A' list trumpet mouthpieces!
  163. WTS: Parduba 5
  164. WTS: Rudy Muck 13c
  165. WTS: Parduba 2
  166. WTS: Parduba 4 1/2
  167. WTS: Yamaha TR-5A4
  168. WTS: Bob Reeves P2
  169. WTS: Giardinelli 10S
  170. WTS: Bach MP 10
  171. WTS: Monette Prana B6LDS1 84
  172. WTS: Bach Megatone 3C
  173. WTS: Greg Black^Hill / buescher dup cup
  174. WTB: WTB: Herrick
  175. WTS: Heaps of Jet Tones, Giardinellis, a Tottle, some big Schilkes
  176. WTB: Curry 30 TC / TF
  177. WTS: Trumpet & Flugel MPs--Stork Bach Reeves Schilke Warburton Marcinkiewicz Reynolds Olds
  178. WTS: Monette Prana BL2 S3 (BL2S3) 82 XLT Bent Trumpet Mouthpiece (Shew Rim Slap Cup)
  179. WTS: warburton
  180. WTS: Various Mouthpieces:
  181. WTS: Trumpet Mouthpiece
  182. WTS: Clifford Brown Mouthpiece Kit
  183. WTS: Taylor Cornet ML-A + ML-E
  184. WTS: Vincent Bach Corp., New York 17C1 + 17C2 - Clifford Brown Sizes
  185. WTS: Vincent bach corp., new york 17c1 & 17c2 - clifford brown sizes
  186. WTB: WTT: Sparx 4B for 3B or GR 66 #6 cup
  187. WTB: WTB: warburton parts (UK)
  188. WTB: Keefer cornet mouthpieces
  189. WTS: Custom Curry 60M and Yamaha Shew Jazz, super soft rims
  190. WTS: Flugel mouthpieces
  191. WTS: Yamaha Bobby Shew Jazz
  192. WTS: Yamaha Alan Vizzutti Mouthpiece
  193. WTS: GR 65,66,67 various cups
  194. WTS: Monette B2S3 Prana for sale!
  195. WTS: BACH NEW YORK 17C2 CORNET MOUTHPIECE NY ~ Clifford Brown ~ Excellent
  196. WTB: AL Cass 1 - 28
  197. WTS: Warburton 3FL French Taper / NY Bach 9B
  198. WTS: TT Gr 63m and D4nero Gr
  199. WTB: Mouthpieces in bulk
  200. WTB: Al cass 2-2 modern re-issue
  201. WTB: GR mouthpieces
  202. WTB: Looking for loud 91 93s
  203. WTB: WTB BACH Mt. Vernon 7 Trumpet Mouthpiece
  204. WTS: Super Deal on ACB Demo pieces
  205. WTS: WTT GR WB Studio Gold
  206. WTS: Mouthpieces - Sale
  207. WTS: WTT - Two Monette mouthpieces
  208. WTS: Currys
  209. WTS: Warburtons
  210. WTS: GR Wayne Bergeron Studio Gold
  211. WTB: Trying one more time. Does anyone have a GR Liesl Whitiker mouthpiece to T/S ?
  212. WTB: Anybody selling a GR 66L or GR 66LX?
  213. WTS: WTS New York Back / Warburton Flugelhorn
  214. WTB: WTB Kanstul GIR 10VF
  215. WTS: Monette MF III or BL2 S3 for sale or trade.
  216. WTS: GR Bergeron Studio
  217. WTS: TRADE King 3c and king 5c to trade
  218. WTB: WTB Curry 40 TC
  219. WTB: Looking for GR 62 SZ or 62 Z
  220. WTS: GR WB Studio Gold
  221. WTS: Kanstul M - B3 Flugel mouthpiece
  222. WTS: Yamaha, Eric Miyashiro Flugel mouthpiece.
  223. WTB: WTT for or BUY Monette mpc
  224. WTS: Looking for: GR mouthpieces for Trumpet
  225. WTS: 3 Najoom mouthpiece tops (cheap)
  226. WTS: Trumpet mouthpieces for sale
  227. WTS: Misc mpcs for sale / trade
  228. WTS: A Few Nice Mouthpieces
  229. want to sell GR 65fl and 65LX and DW 4E gold plated
  230. WTS GR 66M Trumpet Mouthpiece
  231. WTS GR 1HX Haefner SignatureTrumpet Mouthpiece
  232. WTS GR 1HX Haefner Custom Trumpet Mouthpiece
  233. WTS GR C1 (CM-1) Trumpet Mouthpiece
  234. WTB Monette B6L S1 or B6LD S1
  235. WTS NY Bach 9B / Warburton Flugel / Various Others / Horngrip
  236. WTB Bach Megatone or similar
  237. WTT Wayne Bergeron Studio GR Piece for Monette BL or B6L
  238. WTS: Lot of Monette mouthpieses
  239. For sale: Monette C 1-2
  240. Wtb gr 66s
  241. Irving R.Bush and JET TONES mouthpieces for sale or trade
  242. For Sale / Trade Bach, Schilke, Breslmair, Warburton and Bach/Schilke Backbores
  243. Wts GR66c** vgc $150aud
  244. Marcinkiewicz pieces for sale
  245. GR 3FL flugel mouthpiece
  247. Monette Prana MF III (LT) blank
  248. $25 - Schilke 20D2D
  249. $60 - ACB New York 1
  250. WTT/WTB: Reeves 41S CUT FOR SLEEVES