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  1. eBay: 1965 Conn 22B Victor
  2. eBay: Taylor Chicago 46 II for sale
  3. eBay: Legends Brass Trumpet Mouthpieces
  4. eBay: Semi-annual clearance sale
  5. eBay: Larson GFT Bb Trumpet
  6. eBay: EBAY: Adams ACB Collaborative Model
  7. eBay: Giardinelli screw-rim mouthpieces trumpet/cornet/fluegel all 3 rim
  8. eBay: 1937 HN White King Liberty Bb Trumpet Silver Plated Brass Original Used Condition
  9. eBay: Bach Mt. Vernon Mercury Model Trumpet
  10. eBay: Tons of goodies for auction on our ACB outlet
  11. eBay: Jupiter 1102 RL
  12. eBay: Selmer CG Claude Gordon #00180 in Silver Plate ALL original SCREAMER!
  13. eBay: Jet-Tone Custom Model DS (Doc Severinsen) 70's 4hrs left!!
  14. eBay: Flip Oakes Wild Thing Shepherd's Crook Cornet
  15. eBay: Bach Strad #37
  16. eBay: E.A. Couturier Conical Cornet (pristine!)
  17. eBay: Yamaha Xeno 8335RGS
  18. eBay: Shop Demo Adams ACB Professional Trumpet in gold lacquer mint
  19. WTS: Legends Brass BROADWAY .625 Inside Diameter
  20. eBay: 1941 Conn 36a Concert Grand Cornet
  21. eBay: Vincent Bach 10 1/2 EW Mouthpiece for sale on eBay
  22. eBay: Trumpet Model GANSCHORN Bb
  23. eBay: Mint Vintage KING Liberty Model Trumpet, Charly Melk serviced with Torpedo case
  24. eBay: YAMAHA YTR-8345RG Silver Xeno Professional Trumpet for sale
  25. eBay: For Sale: Inderbinen Alpha 100
  26. eBay: Courtois b flat Brass Trumpet
  27. eBay: Leblanc trumpet Model 770 - Conrad Gozzo
  28. eBay: 1947 Conn 22b and 60's Olds Super Cornet
  29. eBay: Yamaha YTR-232
  30. eBay: Shop demo Adams a7 Trumpet in antique finish!
  31. WTS: Sales New Apple iPhone 6s 6s Plus Original $500
  32. eBay: Schilke B1L 50th Anniversary 2006 Excellent Just Serviced Professionally Played $1500
  33. WTS: Getzen eterna Severinsen model for sale
  34. eBay: Just listed my 1957 Conn 28A
  35. eBay: Holton Llewellyn 1930
  36. eBay: Reynolds Contempora, earliest known example!
  37. eBay: Besson 10-10 1963, ends tomorrow!
  38. eBay: Jerome Callet Jazz
  39. eBay: Harrelson Bravura
  40. WTB: Reynolds Argenta trumpet
  41. eBay: Just put my 1941 22B on eBay
  42. eBay: Martin Committee , Olds Mendez , Calicchio 1s9 , Besson Meha and more...
  43. eBay: Rare Finds: Trumpets and Cornets - Conn, French Besson, New York Strad, Martin Commit
  44. eBay: Taylor Phatboy Flugel PERFECT CONDITION
  45. eBay: Every Trumpet in the Universe - in one place.
  46. eBay: Hawkes (not Boosey) Flugelhorn from 1890s! (not mine yet)
  47. eBay: Jaeger Diamond
  48. eBay: ACB Semi-Annual blowout sales (tons of goodies up and to be listed this week)
  49. eBay: YTR-8335LA Silver Great Condition
  50. eBay: 1930s E.K. Blessing Artist Model for sale
  51. eBay: Vintage CONN Director Shooting Star Trumpet
  52. eBay: Stage One California Light For Sale
  53. eBay: Keyed Trumpet?
  54. eBay: Claude Gordon newley discovered 78
  55. eBay: Bach Strad, Model 37
  56. eBay: Gorgeous project gone bad
  57. eBay: Courtois Balanced model on eBay
  58. eBay: H.N. White King Liberty Moved to ebay!
  59. WTS: Kanstul 1537 -Bach Strad "copy" but better-like new
  60. eBay: Selmer K-Modified 25X w/Pilczuk leadpipe
  61. eBay: Weirdest Description of a Trumpet Ever?
  62. eBay: Besson Prestige Cornet BE2028-2
  63. eBay: Getzen Eterna Proteus 907S
  64. eBay: 1977 OLDS A6ST Cornet
  65. eBay: New Reeves Sleeves for sale
  66. eBay: Jakob Winter Deluxe case
  67. eBay: Used Warburton Equipment for sale great condition
  68. eBay: 1998 Bach Stradivarius MLV Vindabona 65G (wynton configuration)with custom leadpipe
  69. eBay: Medium bore engraved committee bell
  70. eBay: Yamaha Trumpet YTR-8310Z Bobby Shew Bb MINT w/mint case 2012 Professional
  71. eBay: Keen Price!
  72. eBay: Dizzy Martin Committee On EBAY!
  73. eBay: Bach Bass Trumpet relisted
  74. eBay: Austin Winds Copper Bell Brushed Stage 470LT Professional Bb Trumpet by Kanstul
  75. eBay: New Blessing Trumpets
  76. eBay: 725-L Professional Trumpet by Cannonball
  77. eBay: 1975 Schilke P5-4 Trumpet in silver plate
  78. eBay: Pro Tec PB301CTGX Contoured Trumpet Case - Offers Accepted
  79. eBay: Demo Carol Brass Piccolo Trumpet in lacquer
  80. eBay: Schilke P5-4 - Excellent condition!
  81. eBay: Super Rare *Satin Silver Finish* 1956 Conn 6B Trumpet
  82. eBay: Scherzer Rotarty Bb
  83. eBay: Craigslist in Montana: Olds Super Trombone for sale. ($1100).
  84. eBay: Olds Recording Fans
  85. eBay: Olds Custom Crafted Eb/D, Couesnon Picc, and Bach Bass trumpets for sale.
  86. eBay: 1976 CG Benge Bb Trumpet 151481877370
  87. eBay: Zeus Aegis LB Gold and LA Silver in near perfect condition.
  88. eBay: 1956 Martin Committee project on Shopgoodwill.com
  89. eBay: Yamaha and Bach Trumpets: Improved eBay Selection.
  90. WTS: Martin Committee , Bach Mt Vernon on ebay
  91. eBay: York 'Airflow' cornet
  92. eBay: Steiner Parker Electronic Valve Instrument trumpet + Microcon synthesiser module rare
  93. eBay: Boosey & co Echo Cornet
  94. eBay: 4 horns up on ebay for sale...Getzen, CONN, OLDS
  95. eBay: Custom Project( like Van Laar) trumpet
  96. eBay: Getzen Capri
  97. eBay: Yamaha YTR-9830 Piccolo Trumpet
  98. eBay: New Improved Trumpet Search
  99. eBay: The sketchy Bach strad
  100. eBay: Double Monette Trumpet Case
  101. WTS: Bach TR300 w/ Bach 7C - Good Working Condition
  102. eBay: Monette Prana B12D Cornet Mouthpiece and Monette mouthpiece case
  103. eBay: My almost perfect King Silver Flair outfit.
  104. eBay: Selling some mouthpieces
  105. eBay: For Sale: Bach Megatone 3C, Schilke 6a4a, B&S Gold Plated 5C, Curry Monster Sleeve
  106. eBay: 1957 Mt Vernon
  107. eBay: Meister Erhart Todt Trumpet
  108. eBay: 36B Trumpet For Sale
  109. eBay: Eclipse Enigma Med Red Bb Trumpet, Interchangeable leadpipe. Silver.
  110. eBay: Various Trumpet Goodies
  111. eBay: New Ebay Store
  112. eBay: 16 bell schalmei & Helikon Schalmei
  113. eBay: Bach 239 C Trumpet 61XXX Good Condition Early 70's Elkhart
  114. eBay: GR Bergeron flugel mouthpiece
  115. eBay: 1934 Conn Vocalbell 40B
  116. eBay: Late 1947 CONN 12B * Nicely restored light brush finish / A+ Interior & Valves
  117. eBay: 1947 12B Nice
  118. eBay: 1966 CONN 4B Bass Trumpet-No Reserve
  119. eBay: OLDS A6ST Cornet
  120. eBay: This aughta tell ya sumpthin, lol!
  121. eBay: c. 1969 Conn 8B Lightweight Artist - Bright Silver Plate - Uber Mint - w/5 Conn MPs
  122. eBay: 1954 Mount Vernon Stradivarius Trumpet in Gold Plate
  123. eBay: 1949 New York Bach Medium Bore Stradivarius Trumpet
  124. eBay: Exquisite Eclipse Trumpet in silver plate with gold Trim
  125. eBay: Lacquer Bach Strad 37 for $770
  126. eBay: ACB Mouthpiece Spring Cleaning
  127. WTS: Henri Selmer Paris B♭ trumpet (cornet)
  128. eBay: 8 Bell Schalmei Trumpet
  129. eBay: Sliver Yamaha 5335 Allegro
  130. eBay: Listing my Harrelson / Olds Ambassador modified horn for sale
  131. eBay: Relisted my Bach Stradivarius Trumpet LR190S43B Silver - strad 43 Mariachi horn
  132. eBay: Like New Bach Strad 72 - Starting $1500
  133. eBay: Josh has some nice candy.
  134. eBay: `49 Buescher 400 and `37 FA Reynolds Professional
  135. eBay: Bach 239 C Trumpet 61XXX $1500 OBO
  136. eBay: Kanstul M-B4 P and M-B4L P
  137. eBay: Bach 239 C Trumpet 61XXX
  138. eBay: Something Special - Not Dizzy BUT
  139. eBay: Tom & Will gig bags
  140. eBay: Cannonball 789RL Bb Trumpet - Mad Meg Raw Brass Finish
  141. eBay: Custom Flugel Peli Case for sale!
  142. eBay: Custom Double Brass Peli Case - Trumpet/Cornet + Flugel
  143. eBay: Rare King Trumpet up for a Steal!
  144. eBay: Listed by newish Bach for sale
  145. eBay: mouthpiece lot
  146. eBay: Conn C trumpet 51B
  147. eBay: Conn 60B now on ebay
  148. eBay: Yamaha Custom Eb/D YTR9610
  149. eBay: Connstellation
  150. eBay: Selling my mid-50's Olds Special Cornet
  151. eBay: Gig bgson ebay
  152. eBay: Yamaha Silent Brass SB79 for trumpet
  153. eBay: Bob Malone Bach Strad "Bachalone"
  154. eBay: '65 Getzen Severinsen ML
  155. eBay selling
  156. WTS: L.A. Olds Ambassador: 1950 Closet Queen, with Shop Card!
  157. eBay: Selmer Sigma Bb trumpet
  158. WTS: Yamaha 738; Schilke X3 Clone, in Immaculate Condition
  159. eBay: Vintage Conn 20A Flugelhorn - Minty Fresh!! Auction Ends Sunday Night
  160. WTS: Benge Claude Gordon trumpet
  161. WTS: WTS: 1953 Olds Recording Cornet - L.A. vintage
  162. eBay: B&S
  163. WTS: Not ebay, but I ran across this Olds on CrgList Atlanta area
  164. WTS: Yamaha 8345g Brand new
  165. eBay: Small Straight Mute SHASTOCK -- $139.00
  166. eBay: Buffet Trumpet Globby Relacquer Job
  167. eBay: thoughts on this trumpet for auction ... Kanstul built Besson Meha with Bronze bell--
  168. eBay: 1953 LA Olds Ambassador ... What do you think it is worth? I would like to bid.
  169. WTB: Need Help with this Blessing trumpet PLEASE
  170. eBay: should I buy this? Need advice
  171. eBay: Olds Standard trumpet
  172. eBay: LIDL BRNO Concert Trumpet
  173. eBay: BACH NY 17C2 Cornet Mouthpiece EXCELLENT -- Make Offer!
  174. eBay: This was on eBay for five minutes!
  175. eBay: Gorgeous '59 Late Model Conn 10A!! wish I had the $$$ to bid :(
  176. eBay: Selling a Souvenir--1968 Paris Selmer K-Modified POLISHING CLOTH
  177. eBay: 1965 OLDS AMBASSADOR Trumpet -- OUTSTANDING Condition
  178. eBay: Olds Special trumpet
  179. eBay: GR CORNET MOUTHPIECE "Len Simmons" 66 - 3 and BACH NY 17C2 Cornet Mouthpiece + others
  180. eBay: Conn Connqueror Vocabell Trumpet 48B
  181. eBay: Not Your Everday HARMON MUTES!
  182. eBay: Scored Two Olds Ambassador LAs Today on eBay. Great buys!
  183. eBay: Schalmei trumpet offers
  184. eBay: Early Photoshop Kinda Thing in Selmer Ad?
  185. eBay: bobcat mouthpiece puller... ends at 1pm PST - 11/29/2013
  186. eBay: LA Ambassador Steal of a Deal!
  187. eBay: Used Adams a1 trumpet in gold matte lacquer
  188. eBay: Various items on ebay.
  189. eBay: B&S challenger 3137 G
  190. eBay: Weird german trumpet
  191. WTS: Kanstul 1025 flugelhorn up on Ebay
  192. WTS: Extremely rare 1909 Conn Perfected Wonder trumpet
  193. eBay: B&S WELTKLANG Jazz Trumpet
  194. WTS: Getzen Elkhorn
  195. eBay: Super sales at the ACB outlet page...
  196. eBay: Marcinkiewicz flugel mouthpieces
  197. eBay: For Sale GR e65M trumpet mouthpiece
  198. WTS: Rare Vintage York Master Model Cornet
  199. eBay: Conn Director Trumpet
  200. eBay: Schalmei trumpets
  201. eBay: Ernst Modl ( EMO) Champion trumpet
  202. eBay: Nice Yamaha trumpet I'm selling
  203. test
  204. Conn Director 1971 Trumpet
  205. Several , RARE pro trumpets for sale /trade
  206. Bach Strad CASE (early 90's) With Keys
  207. MArtin Committee Large bore 20% discounted ( Mendez,Radial,etc )
  208. Jupiter Brigadier Bugle for sale
  209. Holton Revelation Llewellyn Model with both original mouthpieces
  210. why God? Why? - check out this monstrosity...
  211. WELTKLANG trombone
  212. Ebay: Lawler Ps. 51 with rare medium Bore
  213. Oh, Thank You Captain Obvious!
  214. Custom Eb\D Trumpet With Bach Stradivarius 256 Bell
  215. Bait and Bitch!
  216. Bach 229 25H Custom Melk Reverse Leadpipe Silver C Trumpet
  217. 2 diffrent Conn Victor New wonder model cornets !!!!!!!!!!
  218. EBay: Yamaha 631G Flugelhorn in silver plate
  219. lots of stuff on ebay
  220. 1930 Conn Victor Cornet
  221. Marcinkiewicz Vizzutti Trumpet Mouthpiece for sale!
  222. King Legend 2070
  223. F. Besson Kanstul Piccolo Trumpet ends Sunday 4th August
  224. Pitt American Cornet
  225. Protec Triple Trumpet Case
  226. Vintage Conn 4 Trumpet Mouthpiece !Mint Condition!
  227. eBay... less than a day to go King Silvertone
  228. Bach 43*/43 Stradivarius w/ corporation bell
  229. Buescher 400 trumpet, by Bach, serial #104859
  230. EBAY: Shires 5E C Trumpet
  231. "2 Very Small Dings"??
  232. Early 70s King Silver Flair 1055T
  233. King Tempo 600
  234. Kanstul Austin Winds Stage 470LT Bronze Bell Brushed Finish
  235. Vintage 1970's Eastlake Silver Flair Trumpet
  236. Yamaha YTR-6335 Series Bb Trumpet Lacquer 886830827983
  237. Vincent Bach TR200 Omega 37 ML Bore Silver Trumpet Silver! WOW!
  238. New York Trumpet Company Stage 1 California C Trumpet Silver plated
  239. Ogilbee Pocket Trumpet - Raw Brass - BRAND NEW!!!
  240. Bach Stradivarius Eb Trumpet in raw brass
  241. B&S Vintage Rotary Valve Trumpet Bb / MADE IN DDR GERMANY / SUPER CONDITION
  242. Professional Black Nickel Gold Bb Trumpet 4-7/8" Horn NEW engraving+ mouth +case
  243. Yamaha 2320 silver trumpet, with case and mouthpiece 7c
  244. Taylor Manhattan Bb Trumpet, Flugely Flumpety Thing, Round Smokey Sound
  245. Vintage (1972-3) Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet Model 37 ML
  246. Schilke S22C Trumpet
  247. Phaeton PHT-FX Pro horn priced to sell- Great lead and blues! Immaculate!!!!
  248. Bach AC190 Stradivarius Artisan Series C Trumpet AC190S Silver 889406569423
  249. VINTAGE King Silver Flair Bb Trumpet with Case **VERY NICE HORN**
  250. Van Laar B2 Trumpet