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Trumpet Discussion Discuss 10 days off....... in the General forums; and if the sound I hear coming out of my trumpet was a smell, the neighbors would be calling the ...
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    10 days off.......

    and if the sound I hear coming out of my trumpet was a smell, the neighbors would be calling the county health department!

    We had a house full a visitors, including 3 grand children (ages 4, 3 and 1). I played a little for the kids, and even tried to get the 4 year old to buzz the mouthpiece. (It didn't work. He wanted to "blos" the horn. Iind of hard to get a 4 year old to understand the concept of bussing! )

    So now...back to work...and HARD. I play for my step-daughters wedding on May 8! (nothing complicated. I tried to convice her the Maynard's "Gospel John" would be a good piece for a wedding. The girl has absolutely NO sense of humor! )

    I have been here before, and I have some exercises I use to build the chops up, such as long tones, scales, and some stuff from Arbans (i.e. "Preparatory Exercises on the Turn).

    Just curious what other come-backers use to get back into shape after an extended (i.e. more than a week) off?
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    1) I don't take a week off. The horn went with me on our 9 day trip to the coast and back and I managed to get three or four workouts jammed in.

    2) But when I do have more than a couple of days off, I just go back to warmup/practice/woodshedding "same as always". Within a couple of days it'll all be there again; DEFINITELY within a week. I think the biggest "problem" that folks have when they take a few days off is that they "think" they're going to have problems getting back "into shape".

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    Warm up, long tones, before you work on anything.

    Most people coming back off a layoff are anxious to get right to working on something. Warming up is so important. Every once-in-a-while I have to lay off for several days.

    I FORCE myself to do a longer than usual warmup when coming back to the horn.

    I also use buzzing to warm up and/or warm down. Buzzing is just a great exercise.


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    I find when I'm forced to take a couple days off(doesn't happen often, I rarely go even a day without playing at least a little) it's a rough for a few days but I'm stronger and more focused for the rest my embouchure has had. It's like the muscles rebuild a little from the regular beating they get.

    Like the others said, take your time, warm up, and basically do your normal routine. Just expect you'll feel a little stuffy and unclear for 1-3 days.

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    I would recommend mouthpiece buzzing, Clarke tech. studies, and Schlossberg.

    Part of any good daily diet.

    dont over do it....when i take a day or two off and come back i normaly push it to much. I start working and things feel just like they did when they left, but this is a bad thing becasue i will play to much and pay for it over the course of the next week. so i would say even if you feel like you could do 3 hours the first day back, dont!

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