10th Grade Trumpet Player Says This Is His Quick Warm-up

I just got a note from trumpet pro and long-time trumpet
teacher John Baker (Tampa area) that one of his students who
has been working his way through all of the "Give
It The 3rd Finger" studies book uses three specific
exercises as a quick warm-up when he doesn't have
time for a more thorough one.

It's exercises 1, 3, and 30 -- memorize them and play
all the articulations indicated says John's 10th grade

So I gave it a try and thought about all the quick
benefits to doing this that he discovered: finger
technique, air flow and speed, tone, flexibility,
articulation, slurring, single tongue, K tongue,
double and two forms of triple tonguing, and giving
your brain a little workout for keeping you sharp
and thinking well.

If you have the book or the free sample pack you
can try out his discovery for yourself.

If you don't have the book or free sample pack
you can get yours here:


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I guess I could have titled this...

"Young Dog Teaches Old Dog New Tricks"
(...even if the Old Dog wrote the book)

In joy!

Mark Hendricks
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