It's been 18 years since Ellis Workman and I published the Hosaphone(tm) FAQ which was first made available right on the TPIN. The website has been completely redesigned and I am proud to say it is also Y3K compliant.

You are all warmly invited to visit the home of the beloved, revered and mostly plastic Hosaphone(tm) at:

Hosaphone(tm) Headquarters

What is a Hosaphone(tm)?

What is art? What is beauty? It is almost beyond the scope of human understanding to answer these questions within the span of a lifetime. At what point does the craftsman become artist and in so making that art, become part of that art him- or herself? With this monumental task before us, we strive to forge ahead as we embark on a journey together to learn about the Hosaphone(tm) through a process of self-discovery. To learn about the Hosaphone(tm) is to learn about our selves. They come with tassels too.

David A. Roth, Comp(h)oser