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Trumpet Discussion Discuss 1937 Martin Imperial Handcrafted in the General forums; Morning to you horn blowers I'm not really a trumpet or for that matter a brass player of any type....however ...
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    1937 Martin Imperial Handcrafted

    Morning to you horn blowers

    I'm not really a trumpet or for that matter a brass player of any type....however I do buy and sell estates and all contents. Came across an original (in case) Martin Imperial Handcrafted trumpet. Everything seems to be in working condition except for the slides. All valves (or pistons) work fine except for the slide(s) which are stuck shut. Other than that, all numbers match, even the lac. is in VG+-EX condition.

    Should I simply sell it for nothing or take it to a place and have the slides worked on, then sell it for close to nothing? If this were the other "famous Martin Guitar", I'd like it better. Oh...forgot to mention, came with 3 old Martin mouth pieces. Any thoughts or just dump it at the August Allegan antique show?

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    Re: 1937 Martin Imperial Handcrafted

    Those are somewhat desirable and you can get more than nothing. Leave the slides alone and sell it as is, because horn players have their favorite technicians.

    Check ebay completed auctions to find an average price.


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    Re: 1937 Martin Imperial Handcrafted

    Could you post some pix?
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    Re: 1937 Martin Imperial Handcrafted

    Quote Originally Posted by Masterwannabe View Post
    Could you past some pix?
    I took the item to the local music store...there going to do some "tweeks" to it for me (what ever that entails). Anyway....the item is still going to the Antique show on the last Sunday here in august (2013, Allegan antique market, Allegan MI).

    Upon return form the little shop, I'll take some pix and post. BTW...bell of horn is marked '37' has old Martin "alum. mute" with it and very old hand written music. 1938 registration tag/postcard still in case as well. Case has a "slight brass smell to it, but the original tag is still afixed to the top of the case. Music shop said that they will replace "piston #1 leather top pad, since original leather pad was cracked". All original "felt's" under the MOP buttons are fine, same as original springs for the pistons. The two "corks" for the "spit" spring/levers are original and hold pressure. I think someone will end up with an awesome easy blowing horn.

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