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Trumpet Discussion Discuss 1rst Show in the General forums; As some of you know, I am a comeback player. I have been playing/practicing on my own again for about ...
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    1rst Show

    As some of you know, I am a comeback player. I have been playing/practicing on my own again for about a year. I decided recently to go and check out a local community orchestra. One of the players there remembered me from 16 years ago, a time when I was much better and playing for much more than just "fun".

    As a result, I was asked to split the 1rst parts with him. It was a daunting task for me because the show was all show tunes, and the the 1rst parts were all high and loud.

    anyways, I made it thorugh the show and had a blast doing so. Next up is the Sunrise service on Easter morning woth the Brass Quintet.

    Advice for all comeback players out there.

    "Find a group where the trumpet players are better than you, and join. You will find a way to rise to their level, because they certainly will not back up to yours."

    That is the story of my frst show in 16 years, it was a blast.
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    Re: 1rst Show

    Nice one Jason, just jumping in like that is a great thing to do. I don't think i would have gotten any where on the trumpet If I hadn't been playing with others pushing me in real musical situations.
    Blast on!

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