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Trumpet Discussion Discuss 1st valve in the General forums; really, why do I have a saddle/trigger on my 1st valve slide?...
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    1st valve

    really, why do I have a saddle/trigger on my 1st valve slide?
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    Re: 1st valve

    Hi Dmennis,

    Notes like A above the staff tend to be sharp. One can use the trigger (or the saddle, but most agree that that's awkward) on the first valve instead of extending the third valve slide for notes like D and C# below the staff. It's just preference. Sometimes top line F is sharp.

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    Re: 1st valve

    Whatever length a valve slide needs to be when its particular valve is used is too short when a combination of valves is used - this is a fact of life, a law of nature. So one of the ways of compensating for this is for the player to extend the valve slide. The deficiency is more obvious on the third slide (low D and C sharp), but exists on the first as well.
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