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Trumpet Discussion Discuss 2.5 trumpet case recommendations? in the General forums; hey team, Just this past weekend I noticed a pretty big bend in rim of my piccolo bell . I ...
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    2.5 trumpet case recommendations?

    hey team,

    Just this past weekend I noticed a pretty big bend in rim of my piccolo bell .
    I took a look at the case and it looks like some staples are coming loose inside and the trumpet has some mobility in the case. I think that's how the dent happend.

    Anyways, to make a short story long, I think it might be time for a new piccolo case or a 2.5 trumpet case. Any recommendations or any up for sale?


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    Hey, JD. I like my WolfPak. The horns fit snug, there's a nice removeable pad for laying the horn on, a pocket inside for music, and you can attach a separate music bag and mute bag (very roomy mute bag!) on the outside. Of course, if you attach all that stuff, your shoulder feels like it's going to fall off, but it makes for easy transport and opening doors.
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    I'd 2nd the Wolfpak ... in fact the 2.5 now also comes with wheels like a suitcase!

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    Another vote for the Wolfpak.

    Also, you could try the Altieri bags. light weight, convenient backpack straps, two slots for your Bb and C and then a picc bag. BUT it is a soft case, so if you're not careful you can ding'em up again.

    Right now im using my Altieri bag rather than my Wolfpak, simply b/c i can fit more music, mpc's, tuner, etc in the Altieri bag. And i add some extra padding to the picc bag just for good measure.
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    I can't recommend the Marcus Bonna enough...with the triple, you can use the custom inserts to make your piccolo fit. But then you also have a triple too if you ever need it...the inside of the case is totally customizable.

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    I highly recommend Wiseman cases. Yes, they are expensive, but you will never have to buy another case because if anything breaks or is damaged he fixes it for free and even pays shipping. I bought the triple trumpet case, and Howard is custom making inserts for me so I can carry C Bb and flugel. He can also make inserts that will carry Bb, C, Eb, and Pic in the smaller triple case which fits in over head bins. MB cases wont fit in an overhead bin. Plus, you can change the case for whatever your instrument and mute needs are at the time. No more having to own 4 cases and switch horns around to different cases. My case that can carry 3 or 4 horns is not much larger than a trumpet and flugel bag and protects very well.
    When it comes down to it you have:
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    Please don't hesitate to PM me with questions, and I can even send you photos if you like.
    If interest please PM me and i will send you my discount code. whch is another plus to buying them.

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