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Trumpet Discussion Discuss #3 Is Very Important! in the General forums; Not a bad one in the lot....
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    re: #3 Is Very Important!

    Not a bad one in the lot.
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    re: #3 Is Very Important!

    I especially like the long tones exercise at the top.
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    re: #3 Is Very Important!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother View Post
    Arrrrgh! The title should read "#3 Is Very Important!"
    I Very Important is valid for you, too.

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    re: #3 Is Very Important!

    Quote Originally Posted by barliman2001 View Post
    I Very Important is valid for you, too.
    My immediate thought as well. I was thinking, "You be important."

    I like the way he worded #20. Cute.
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    re: #3 Is Very Important!

    I agree,Trick G
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    re: #3 Is Very Important!

    I disagree with #9 because no instrument is dumb and I disagree with #3 mainly in regards to forums mainly the other trumpet forum as the best advice should come from face-to-face lessons depending on how a teacher communicates them.
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    re: #3 Is Very Important!

    Number 3 couldn't be more true. Some of the worst advice I've ever seen given is on trumpet websites. How does someone who doesn't really know the answer wade through the wrong answer from the right answer?
    Number 9 is right on. The trumpet is stupid. It does absolutely nothing to help you. Ask it a question, it doesn't answer you. Ask it to play a high C for you and it won't. Ask it to play a B natural in the staff and you put down the first valve and it doesn't play the right note. Even if you do push down the right valve, you might not even get a B natural. Maybe a D#, maybe a clam.
    See? It is dumb. You have to tell it everything and sometimes it still doesn't get it right.
    Number 11 is rather interesting. How do you learn something without looking at it?
    Here is an example of folks who have played this piece many times and they are still looking at the music! What is wrong with these guys?
    By the way, this should be a year or so after Herseth's quadruple bypass and he is either 75 or 76 at the time of this concert. Still easily capable of sitting on top that incredible section at that volume. Amazing, no?
    Rich T.
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    re: #3 Is Very Important!

    About #9 I would say "the wildest creature" among music instruments, so hard to tame! Even harder to try to make it sing....
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    Re: #3 Is Very Important!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother View Post
    Arrrrgh! The title should read "#3 Is Very Important!"
    As a moderator, this is easy enough to change. VB, were you just waiting to see how long until I read this thread? Chop meter is #1. And there ARE RULES!
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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