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Trumpet Discussion Discuss 5 trumpet national anthem in the General forums; 5 trumpet national anthem Star Spangled Banner @ UCLA Pac-12 Men's Season Opener - YouTube If interested in the arrangement, ...
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    Re: 5 trumpet national anthem

    Wow! Four trumpets and a flugle at first. the last section an octave up would be out of my range, however.
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    Re: 5 trumpet national anthem

    Wow! too... and I'm a Brit. That's impressive.
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    Re: 5 trumpet national anthem

    VERY very nice. Clean, well thought out, well executed. A treat
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    Re: 5 trumpet national anthem

    Excellent - and even better that it DIDN'T include the usual vocal gymnastics - (and I'm and Aussie).

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    Re: 5 trumpet national anthem

    Quote Originally Posted by tedh1951 View Post
    Excellent - and even better that it DIDN'T include the usual vocal gymnastics - (and I'm and Aussie).
    And Jens is a Canadian!
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    Re: 5 trumpet national anthem

    And to think he played that last bit with one of those blue Chinese trumpets off ebay.
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    Re: 5 trumpet national anthem

    Okay, here's my thoughts.

    It's an awesome arrangement. I absolutely love it, and it comes together beautifully.

    OTOH, they're playing the national anthem and instead of highlighting the artistic arrangement, the beauty of the original piece, and patriotism, it comes off to me as zOMG HIGH NOTES. To me, it's worth weighing if you're trying to honor your country or if you're just trying to show off.
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