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Trumpet Discussion Discuss 5th Tuning Slide? in the General forums; Hello I have a Conn Director Cornet and I noticed that there is a fifth tuning slide, the main, first, ...
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    5th Tuning Slide?

    Hello I have a Conn Director Cornet and I noticed that there is a fifth tuning slide, the main, first, second, and third valves and then there is another one coming from the third valve to the bell I was wondering why it is there. I have a guess that its for fine tuning but I really have no idea.

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    Re: 5th Tuning Slide?

    If you have the older Director cornets from before 1960, the "tuning bell" slide is longer and can be used for fine tuning [to an extent], however, this was only the case with the earliest Directors from the 1930s [26A] that had a microtuner for the bell slide, and when the design was recycled in the 1950s, they kept the design the same and implied the main slide was to be used for tuning adjustment. Later models have a shorter bell slide, so fine tuning is difficult, and by then it was just because the design called for it...the higher level cornets [Connquest, Victor] that had a "tuning bell" slide [esp. Connquest] had a waterkey there, since spit collects very quickly in that spot...
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