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Trumpet Discussion Discuss About my Besson flugel... in the General forums; I'm new to this forum, and I'm looking for info. My last trumpet was a Yamaha 732 purchased while I ...
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    About my Besson flugel...

    I'm new to this forum, and I'm looking for info. My last trumpet was a Yamaha 732 purchased while I was in high school in '71. I stupidly traded it for a problematic Japanese Fender guitar 6 years later. Twenty two years later, my dear wife responded to my occasional lamenting over my choice by buying for me a friend's flugelhorn for my 40th birthday! It's a brass F. Besson brevete ser#103361, and is in pristine condition and appears to have been restored or re-laquered once upon a time. My friend the former owner grew up in San Marino CA and bought the horn from his trumpet teacher, who if memory serves me was a Don Cherry, although I could be mistaken. I'm curious about what I have here. I enjoy the horn and wouldn't think of parting with it.
    Also, my 13 year-old son plays trumpet at a small middle school, and has been using a school Bach horn which is just OK, but I'd like to get him into something like my lost ytr 732 so as to invigorate his interest in playing. The band is going to hear DR. Bobby Rodriguez this week at the Solvang Jazz fest and clinics, so i'm hoping for enthusiasm as a result. cheers

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    Re: About my Besson flugel...

    Hi, welcome to the forum. Hope your son has a great experience and gets excited about playing. I had a 734 trumpet bought new in 70 and played it for 14 yrs. There are a zillion good student horns out there. That's mostly what I play. See my sig. The best I can do on your Fluegel is to check the Besson Brasswind serial list I have, which would put a date somewhere between 1917-21. Not sure if that is correct. You can go to Horn-u-copia and scroll down to the besson line andview a view pictures and some commentary of a few Fluegels. What wording is on the bell? Here is a site you might like. Has a list of many trumpet players and what instrument. they played during their career. Don Cherry's doesn't show he played a fluegel.
    Post some pics of your fluegel if you can.
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