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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Accent Info Anybody? From a Newby in the General forums; I just picked up an Accent TR-950 for little more than a song and dance. It is like new so ...
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    Accent Info Anybody? From a Newby

    I just picked up an Accent TR-950 for little more than a song and dance. It is like new so I am pumped because I am just relearning how to play. I played in the 7th grade (I'm 50 now). The local music store sells these horns. They are NOT cheap but seem to be fairly unknown, therefore the good deal I got. I have been told that they are a Strad clone. Does anyone out there play one of these things.....know anything about them....know anyone who knows anything about them? There is ZERO info to be found on the net so I thought I would turn to you guys. I'll post another thread about another horn I have and you can take a crack at that one as well. Thanks everybody.

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    Re: Accent Info Anybody? From a Newby

    Hi 'Bone,

    Welcome to TM, I'm a comeback player as well (50yrs old, 30 yr layoff).

    You're right, there's not much on Accent trumpets on the web, I did find this:


    Looks like you did get a good deal, but even if it was an inexpensive knock-off, if it plays well for you now enjoy it!!

    Considering the wealth of knowledge of the folks on this website, I'm sure someone with more info will post.

    Good Luck!
    I gotta get me one of those cool slogans.....

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    Re: Accent Info Anybody? From a Newby

    Welcome to Trumpet Master and to the Trumpet itself, I hope you will learn as much as I did so far and more. As far as the Accent trumpets go, nothing comes to my mind but I think I saw it on a online store, I don't know what it was but I'm not sure either, maybe someone else knows...

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