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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Accuracy?? in the General forums; Originally Posted by Arthur Magazu At 54 I am too old for a teacher.. I do occasionaly take a lesson ...
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    Re: Accuracy??

    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur Magazu View Post
    At 54 I am too old for a teacher.. I do occasionaly take a lesson here and there as needed..I practice about 1 1/2 hours a 6 days a week average in addition to my rehearsals..I do take a day off here and there depending on how I feel mentally..
    Hey, Art!

    No one is too old for a teacher, nor is one ever too old to learn (unless one is pushing up daisies!).

    What you need (IMHO) is to join a community band and play with a section. Then you'll have constant practice in playing in tune with those around you. You will also have the experience and knowledge of your section from which you can learn alot!!!

    Try it! you'll thank me!!

    Guy Clark

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    Re: Accuracy??

    Quote Originally Posted by Markie View Post
    Do you have a qualified teacher and how much do you practice?
    Yes and i practice for between and hour to an hour and a half per day

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    Re: Accuracy??

    Geesh... maybe i am not speaking clearly.. " I occasionally take lessons as needed" "in addition to my rehearsals" implies i am out playing somewhere assumably with a group or section.... I was just trying to help someone who posted with a problem ... chuckle

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    Re: Accuracy??

    One other comment regarding the teacher issue. When I practice, I am applying some of what I learned in the past and applying it to the immediate. The teacher, or coach is perhaps a better word, is to help me remember what I have not brought to my consciousness and then apply it to that day's practice. A supplemental set of ears and brains.

    In my opinion, the word practice here is a description of the discipline that we apply to ourselves. Part of that discipline is listening to what others hear, and then using it or rejecting it as the situation unfolds.

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