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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Advice about Cornet in the General forums; I recently started playing with a pretty good concert band where the trumpet section is all playing Cornet. I have ...
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    Advice about Cornet

    I recently started playing with a pretty good concert band where the trumpet section is all playing Cornet. I have the use of a Yamaha cornet that is quite good but I am constantly having to drain the water that builds up. I'm looking to get something else and I tried a Besson at the store. Does anyone know if the Besson horn has the same issue with water build up?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Re: Advice about Cornet

    Many people find that they produce more "water" on cornet than trumpet, no matter what the brand. I don't know why, though. Any way you could go to the store and play the Besson a while to evaluate water buildup?
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    Re: Advice about Cornet

    Ummm, trumpets and cornets are out of metal and therefore are pretty much immune to creating fluids that have to be relieved.

    Water build up in a horn comes from two places: spitting while playing and the moisture in our breath condensing on the tubes of the horn. Regular practice reduces the former, keeping the horn warm, the latter. I am not aware of any horn with a so massive condensation build up that they become hard to play. I am aware of quite a few underdeveloped embouchures that "spit" more than "normal". Any type of player can take measures to keep the horn warm!
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    Re: Advice about Cornet


    The Besson would not be my 1st. choice for a cornet to use in a concet band.

    Have you considered a LB Bach, Yamaha Xeno or XA1 ?

    These cornets along with a Sparx -soloist- series mps. will work very well in a concert band.

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    Re: Advice about Cornet

    I have been playing over 50 yrs and have always had a large amount of spit/water expelled in the many horns I have and have had, just my physiology, I guess. I have noticed a more quicker build up to a gurgling point on my cornets no matter what the make. Why, I don't know. May be in the wrap some how as it is a rounder loop from the leader pipe then a trumpet. Have fun in the band no matter which cornet you play.
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    Re: Advice about Cornet

    I doubt different manufacturer's horns would produce a difference in the amount of water that builds up. I believe it is mostly a product of the humidity of the room and temperature of both the horn, the room, and you.

    That said, a larger bore horn may be less affected by the same amount of water build up because the tubing is of larger diameter.

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    Re: Advice about Cornet

    What you're pouring out of a horn is water, and different horns produce different amounts of condensation. As a general rule, the thinner the metal and the softer the alloy, the greater the amount of condensation.

    Players using both US-made and European made horns have long noticed this, especially trombone players in German orchestras that use thin-metal soft-alloy horns, as opposed to US horns like Conn and King whose horns' metal is thicker and harder.

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