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No pain no gain! I got my braces on a little over a year ago. At the end of my 8th grade year in band. I got them on right before a chamber concert I had to do a solo in (Oh the agonizing pain). I had a tough time adjusting and it took a lot of practice, concentration, and patience. I'm on chuck's side with this. No aids would be best, but if needed use wax. I only had to use wax on my braces once and that was for MPA that year where I was horrified of messing up since I was the only one playing the part I was on. I'm more worried about getting my ambrochure adjusted AFTER the braces are taken off. It all gets easier though, but you have to build the calluses on your lips first. If it's getting to the point that his braces are cutting his lips and they're bleeding (I can personally say that has only happened to me the first of my braces). Then he can use use wax. Those brace guard products aren't going to do anything that wax cannot. Good luck! The first month was the hardest for me, and the constantly changing ambrochure will help in the long in the way I see it.
Don't listen to anyone on here. Even me. Just do what works for you. The brace guards worked great for me... That being said, they aren't for everyone. Try them, try without them. I found that it made it way less painful to play, and it was a smooth surface to rub against my lips, to not cause my lips any permanent damage. Let us know what you decide to do, and keep us updated.


That's what i used