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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Advice for a poor fool in the General forums; Well, I'm back in school again. During my break, I've taken great consideration into the advice you all gave me ...
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    Re: Advice for a poor fool

    Well, I'm back in school again. During my break, I've taken great consideration into the advice you all gave me and put together a three-hour daily regimen, consisting of 15-20 minute long-tones, 2 20 minute music sessions working on pepband music and major scales, 10 minutes on Arban's and 10 minutes on Clarke, and 20 minutes on Lipflexibility exercises provided in Colins, with 20 minutes of break time in between of course. My last week before going to school was a little bit of a washout because I ripped my contact lenses unintentionally and was unable to read the exercises properly (well I could if I bring the sheet music close to my face, I'm nearsighted). However, I've seen significant improvement on my range up to a high C, and moreover feel more comfortable playing in the range than before. I also feel more comfortable playing pieces that previously killed my endurance. Yesterday the band had a basketball game and I performed better than I expected to, but I still feel that I need more work. I will try to devote a little bit of time everyday for play but it will be hard due to increasing course work and other responsibilities I will receive. As I mentioned before, I scheduled private lessons with a trumpet teacher at a music store during the break; I scheduled them on Wednesday afternoons after all my classes. However, I just learned today that the trumpet teacher is no longer available on Wednesday, which is pretty much the only time I can get lessons again because of work from school, and had to trash it entirely. Now, I have to try to find other local instructors in town who can give me lessons. *sigh*.

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    Re: Advice for a poor fool

    It sure sounds like you're on the right track. And, congratulations on your recent accomplishments.

    What would be interesting for us, and especially for you to see, would be an updated YouTube clip of your current playing ability to compare with your YouTube clip from a month ago. From the sound of your last post and your obvious progress, I'm betting we're going to see two "different" players.
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